• Welcome to the Dual Language Programs

    Dual Language is the bilingual program offered at Denton ISD.  In this program we provide the one-way and two-way dual language models.  The goals of both dual language models are to develop bilingualism and biliteracy, bolster high academic achievement, and promote cross-cultural competence.  


    One-Way Dual Language Campuses

    Alexander Elementary PreK-5

    Borman Elementary PreK-5

    Evers Elementary K-5

    Ginnings Elementary PreK-5

    McNair Elementary PreK-5

    Newton Rayzor Elementary PreK-5

    Rivera Elementary PreK-5

    WS Ryan Elementary PreK-5

    Cross Oaks Elementary PreK-1

    Union Park Elementary PreK-1

    Ann Windle for Young Children Headstart & PreK

    Gonzalez Early Childhood Center PreK


    Two-Way Dual Language Campuses

    Hodge Elementary K-5

    Pecan Creek Elementary K-5

    Shultz Elementary K-5

    Strickland Middle School 6-8

    Myers Middle School 6-8

    Calhoun Middle School 6-8