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    Scholarships, Scholarships, and More Scholarships!

    All Scholarship information received by GHS is placed on the scholarship list in Navaince . Please log in to your Naviance account and select the colleges tab - scholarship list to see what we have recieved.

    Please note:

    GHS does not endorse any scholarship listed on the web site. Students and parents are advised to read all instructions and information carefully before applying. Our site is intended to be used as a tool to help students begin their scholarship search. There are MANY more scholarships than what are listed on our site. GHS does not encourage or discourage applying for the listed scholarships over other scholarships you find. Beware of scams: Use caution before paying a company to “find” a scholarship just for you. Chances are good that they will not find more than what you could find on your own. Pay close attention to DEADLINES!


    FREE application for student aid. Sign up for your PIN during the fall of your senior year. Fill out your application online (or with forms available in the counselor's office) after January 1 of your senior year. Parent income tax information is used to determine your EFC (estimated family contribution). All students are encouraged to register regardless of financial situation. Colleges, universities, and trade schools will use this EFC to determine the financial aid you will receive, regardless of where you attend.


    Financial Aid Calculator!

    A financial aid calculator can be found at the following website:


    Comprehensive College and Technical School sites!

    Comprehensive site for college, technical, military, or career paths including preparing for, applying for, and paying for college or technical school:


    Websites which give general information concerning colleges, financial aid and loans for education:










    http://www.schoolsoup.com(This site has much information, but also allows you to sign-up for information from trade and online schools. When registering and giving your information, at the top of many pages you can click "No thanks, continue" and skip the sign-up process to complete your registration and get a number of scholarships selected especially for you without sending your information to places you aren't interested in. Great information, but pay attention!)

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