• Compulsory Attendance Warning Letter (or en españolOpens a New Window.)

      Compulsory Attendance Warning Letters are the first Truancy Prevention step outlined by HB 2398. These Compulsory Attendance Warning Letters are mailed to the parent/guardian when the student has accumulated 3 (unexcused/unverified or LOSIT absences) within a 4-week period or has accumulated 5 outside a 4-week period.

      This is a good time to identify why your student is accumulating unexcused/ unverified or LOSIT absences.

      • Is your student forgetting to turn in notes to excuse absences? Remember the 72-hour rule.

      • Is your student being signed out of school to attend a doctor’s appointment? Make sure to follow up by turning in a doctor's note to excuse these absences.


      Signing out a student from school does not excuse the absence.


      • Make sure to check HAC weekly and email teachers to verify that your student was absent.