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Students Earn Positions in MS All-District Band

On Saturday, October 5, nearly 400 middle school band students auditioned for positions in the DISD All-District Band. The 102-member band consists of the top 7th and 8th grade band members from all eight Denton ISD middle schools. The students audition for the All-District Band on a selected portion from the TMEA All-Region audition music. The All-District Band members will participate in a clinic and concert with a special guest clinician on January 10, 2020. The concert will be open to the public.

Congratulations to these outstanding middle school band students that made the All-District Band. Many thanks to their band directors, private lesson teachers, and parents for supporting them.


Calhoun MS Band - Marco Gonzalez, Director and Linden Lanier, Assistant Director

Nicole McPherson Bb Clarinet 8
Milo Kaplan Alto Sax 7
Abby Carrasco Trumpet 8
Garrett Purcell Trumpet 7
Bobbi Eckels Percussion 8


Crownover MS - Christin Bunch, Director and Dr. Kyle Mullins, Assistant Director

Camdyn Chambers Flute 8
Kaitlyn Carpenter Flute 8
Lauryn Stephens Flute 8
Sarah Asadollahi Oboe 8
Johan Hidalgo Bb Clarinet 8
Brandon Garza-Mendez Bb Clarinet 8
Alli Robinson Bb Clarinet 8
Rakan Aouadi Bb Clarinet 7
Nick Hughes Bass Clarinet 8
Arpan Rijal Bassoon 8
Grant Swift Alto Sax 8
Ryan Bauer Alto Sax 7
Jake Stoker-Schaeffer Tenor Sax 8
Archie Leonard Tenor Sax 7
Anakin Nguyen Trumpet 8
Will McLaughlin Trumpet 8
Joseph Candeloro Horn 8
Aiden Barnette Horn 8
Joe Morales Trombone 8
Arnulfo Hernandez Euphonium 8
Troy Mayfield Euphonium 8
Matthew LeBaron Tuba 8
Joseph Kamau Tuba 8
Jackson McFarland Percussion 8
Hudson McMillin Percussion 8
Josh Kagondu Percussion 8
Molly Cullum Percussion 8


Harpool MS Band - Bryan Stone, Director and Emily Staniszewski, Assistant Director

Paige Cutting Flute 8
Campbell Weddel Flute 8
Eva Garnier Flute 8
Evelyn Wille Flute 7
Maddx Nguyen Oboe 8
Jonavan Osgood Bb Clarinet 8
Max Preston Bb Clarinet 8
Sara Ryan Bb Clarinet 7
Rayyan Salman Bassoon 8
Dawn Marie Dempsey Alto Sax 8
Ryan Thurwanger Alto Sax 8
Landyn Evans Tenor Sax 8
Ethan Nark Bari Sax 8
Ian Willis Trumpet 8
Evan Hostetler Trumpet 8
Matthew Wiersch Trumpet 7
Will Schoppa Trumpet 8
Cartwright Aiden Horn 8
Logan Steele Horn 8
Aidan Putnam Trombone 7
Connor Guccione Trombone 8
Aiden Does Trombone 7
Aiden Erickson Euphonium 8
Sam Goldberg Tuba 8
Benjamin Worley Tuba 8
Joseph Morley Tuba 8
Zoe Green Percussion 8
Brayden Stanley Percussion 8


McMath MS Band - Travis Harris, Director and Kelsey Gaskill, Assistant Director

Karlen Pradier Flute 7
Maryliz Rosario Bb Clarinet 8
Anna Gumienny Bass Clarinet 8
Tobias Harold Alto Sax 7
Andrew Lock Horn 8
Ian Faulkner Horn 8
Collin Peterson Horn 8
Alexander Evangelopoulos Trombone 8
Aaron Borges Trombone 8
Rowan Eshbaugh-Soha Trombone 8
Newton Bundy Tuba 8


Myers MS Band - Emily Gomez, Director and Robert Hackett, Assistant Director

Anna Sevier Flute 8
Delanie Shiflett Flute 8
Trevor Wilson Bb Clarinet 8
Isaac Foster Bb Clarinet 8
Allison Wheby Bassoon 8
Brendan Croft Trumpet 8


Navo MS Band - Elizabeth Anderson, Director and Paul Hudson, Assistant Director

Alex Callahan Flute 8
Kyndall  Harris Bb Clarinet 8
Benjamin Perrin Bass Clarinet 8
Joshua Comport Alto Sax 8
Reymundo Izaguirre Bari Sax 8
Nathan Contreras Trumpet 8
Arianna Shepherd Trumpet 8
Bella  Bollack Horn 8


Rodriguez MS Band - Dr. Kelly Desjardins, Director and Sandy Osborne, Assistant Director

Cameron Farley Flute 8
Evan Fife Oboe 8
Irelynn Sill Bb Clarinet 8
Jayden Stock Bb Clarinet 8
Chloe Lamb Horn 8
Chris Amouye Trombone 8
Ross Bytheway Trombone 8
Joseph Brooks Euphonium 8
Beckett Bell Euphonium 7
Jacob Lastovica Euphonium 7
Brandon Houk Tuba 8


Strickland MS Band - Nachel Konemann, Director and Ray Velasquez, Assistant Director

Naomi Stepheson Trumpet 8
Damian Burch Trumpet 7
Alex Parker Trombone 7
Rodrigo Raygada Percussion 8
Xander Woods Percussion 8
Dash Romig Percussion 8