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91 Students Selected for TMEA All-Region Choir

Choral students from Denton ISD performed in the TMEA All-Region Choir auditions among students from Region 2 districts including Denton, Lake Dallas, Lewisville, and Northwest ISDs. 91 DISD students were selected to the All-Region Choirs. These students have the honor of performing in the All-Region concerts which are open to the public and free to attend. The Region 2 HS Choirs will perform in concert on November 9 at Denton HS Auditorium beginning at 5pm. The Region 2 MS Choirs will perform in concert on November 16 at Flower Mound HS.

Congratulations to these outstanding Denton ISD choral students, their directors, and their private lesson teachers.


Braswell HS - Ben Oehlschlaeger, director and Kaela Vance, assistant director

Soprano 1: Alyssa Brantzeg

Soprano 2: Oasis Williams, Zoe Strong, Rianna Wade

Alto 1: Sarah Butts

Alto 2: *Krista Page (Pre-Area), Cailyn Milner, Joesy De Palo

Tenor 1: *Bryson Clem (Pre-Area)

Bass 1: *Dalton Stroup (Pre-Area)


Denton HS - Mark Baker, director and Nicholas Vance, assistant director

Soprano 1: *Anna Borges (Pre-Area)

Soprano 2: Madison Moffatt

Alto 2: *Karlie Sherman (Pre-Area), *Margaret Nicholson (Pre-Area)

Tenor 2: *James Fite (Pre-Area), *Derek Wawro (Pre-Area), *Saurav Chaudhary (Pre-Area)

Bass 2: *Joseph Bowen (Pre-Area)


Guyer HS - Mary Mathis-Sadler, director and Tyler Fox, assistant director

Soprano 1: Makenzie Kolbo

Soprano 2: *Mia Cooper (Pre-Area), Alexandra Halderson

Alto 1: *Claire Gillman (Pre-Area), *Jordyn McMahan (Pre-Area), McCaa Clancy, Amanda Beutter

Alto 2: *Alison Cevallos (Pre-Area), Gwyneth Zavala, Emma Germany

Tenor 2: *Aiden Daniels (Pre-Area)

Bass 1: *Luke Knittle (Pre-Area)


Ryan HS - David Rives, director and Scott Thompson, assistant director

Soprano 1: *Morgan Cayce (Pre-Area)

Alto 1: Elizabeth Lambert, Allison Francis

Tenor 1: *Jack Bowman (Pre-Area)

Tenor 2: *Levi Broom (Pre-Area)


Calhoun MS - Denise Stephens, director

Soprano 1: Griseli Carrillo

Soprano 2: Audrey Magee

Alto: Alexia Hollins, MacKenzie Vincent, Caitlin McAlister, Alana O'Neil, Anwyn Head

Tenor 1: Aidan Daly


Crownover MS - Charlie Lotspeich, director

Soprano 1: Alisha Sajeesh

Alto:, Ha Young Kim , Alycea Morales

Tenor 1: Jayden Hollister

Tenor 2: Aiden Barnette

Bass: Carter Gee


Harpool MS - Rebecca Kraft, director

Soprano 1: Elee Etter, Harlie Rafter, Allison Smith, Jailee Strong

Soprano 2: Sophia Liewehr, Siena Roads, Kaitlyn True

Alto: Megan Murello, Jostyn Reiff, Jamilah Turner

Tenor 1: Ethan Gehlhausen

Bass: Logan Richards, Cole Tisdale


McMath MS - Shelly Swafford, director

Alto: Kaia Anderson


Myers MS - Kevin Rybowicz, director

Drew Danhof - Men's Choir

Brendan Croft  - Men's Choir

Evan Kinnaird - Men's Choir

Favour Ayeni - Honor Choir

Paige Sedore -Honor Choir

Allison Wehby Honor Choir

Sophia Bohnert - Select Choir

Nora Ramos - Select Choir


Navo MS - AliceAnn Hostetter, director

Bass: Spiro George


Rodriguez MS - Emilio Sanchez, director

Soprano 1: Amber Ridgley, Katie Burke

Soprano 2: Joy Pugh, A’Bria Lasha, Mari Dangerfield

Alto: Ariel Banks, Isabela Howes, Lisa Smith

Tenor 1: Matthew Barrios, Alec Miner

Tenor 2: Keegan Dewitt, Ryan Scott, Joshua Keeney-McCollough, Bryan House, Nathaniel Ross, Caiden Hickman, Tyler Newton

Bass: Jaden Forrest


Strickland MS - Vinny Thomas, director and Delanie Sager, assistant director

Soprano 1: Brianna Smith