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86 Students Selected to TMEA All-Region Orchestras

Students from Denton ISD’s high school and middle school orchestras auditioned among students from districts in Region 2 including Lewisville and Northwest ISDs for positions in the TMEA All-Region Orchestras. 86 DISD students were selected for the All-Region Orchestras; 33 from high school and 53 from middle school. These students will perform in concert with the All-Region Orchestras on Saturday, December 14 at Eaton High School in Northwest ISD.


Congratulations to these outstanding orchestra students for this honor. Many thanks to their directors and private lesson teachers for helping them prepare for the auditions. Best wishes to the students in the HS Symphony Orchestra that will be auditioning for TMEA All-State!


Braswell HS – Michael Burris, director

Symphony Orchestra:

Bass: Kevin Alejandro Nunez


Philharmonic Orchestra:

Violin: Chloe Svadlenka,

Katelin Tupper,

Ally Ordyna

Viola: Anthony Brooks

Cello: Chris Leon,

Gina Belocio



Denton HS – Julianne Booth, director and Carrie Atkins, assistant director

Symphony Orchestra:

Violin: Elena Summitt,

Hannah Lee

Cello: Kate Lee,

Connor Jones


Philharmonic Orchestra:

Violin: Aurora Esteves,

Oliver Clark,

Maxwell Turner

Cello: Maya Huber,

Abigail Kim



Guyer HS – Michelle Hanlon, director and Jeremy Atkins, assistant director

Symphony Orchestra:

Violin: Audrey Lee,

Ocean Xie,

Sid Shah,

Daniel Cho,

Alyssa Hugo,

Joseph Hwang,

Eta Tako 

Viola: Thomas Nguyen,

Ethan Wong

Cello: Yubin Lim,

Jackson Williams  

Bass: Christian Luevano,

Miles Ellis


Philharmonic Orchestra:

Violin: Hailey Hurd

Cello: Taylor Dickerson



Ryan HS – Jeff Fox, director

Chamber Orchestra:

Viola: Anjela Tucker

Cello: Liam Daly



Crownover MS – Angela Harvey, director

Chamber Orchestra:

Violin: Gyouwon Cho,

Gina Hall,

Sophia San Miguel,

David Hwang

Viola: Gyoujin Cho

Cello: David Labelle,

Sean Lim,

Christian Cruz


Concert Orchestra:

Violin: Diana Jung,

Lauren Hurd

Viola: Safi Syed,

Chelsie McBride

Cello: Gyouin Cho,

Emma Beeks,

Avery Sandoval

Bass: Lucas Henson



Harpool MS – Ryan Napier, director and Rachel Richardson, assistant director

Chamber Orchestra:

Violin: Lauren Kim

Viola: Tanner Small

Cello: Carter Williams

Bass: Trevor Rizzo,

Harper Robbins


Concert Orchestra:

Violin: Dashiell Browne,

Astrid Giron,

Trisha Kundu

Viola: Lucas Peterson

Cello: Julia Kim,

Gavin Sciarrino

Bass: Lilly Cupit



McMath MS – Gina Segapeli, director

Violin: Kyubeen Lee,

Yeseo Na, Grace Jing,

Joanna Du,

Trevor Chen,

Sage Dykes,

Julia Lee,

Andrea Ahn

Cello: Sang Joon Kwon

Bass: Isaia Dykes,

Liam Truemper,

Cline Martinez



Myers MS – Sandy Cubero, director

Chamber Orchestra:

Violin: Irene Chang,

Daehan Chang

Bass: Marcus Garcia


Concert Orchestra:

Violin: Jazlyn Le

Viola: Elle Sepe,

Lily Huber-Hill

Cello: Bea Canizares



Navo MS – Sarah Dominguez, director

Violin: David Kendall

Viola: Chai Martin



Rodriguez MS – Chassity Rauscher, director

Chamber Orchestra:

Viola: Jimmy Nunez


Concert Orchestra:

Viola: Isaiah Simpson



Strickland MS – Mike Dandron, director and Emma Bittner, assistant director

Viola: Isaiah Harris,

Luke DesAutels