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63 HS Band Students Selected to TMEA All-Region Bands

Band students from Denton ISD's four comprehensive high schools participated in competitive auditions among districts in Region 2, including Argyle, Lake Dallas, Lewisville, and Northwest ISDs. 63 DISD students were selected to the TMEA Region 2 Bands and 19 of those students have advanced to Area C where they will audition for a position in the TMEA All-State Bands.

Congratulations to these outstanding students for earning a position in the prestigious TMEA Region 2 Bands. They will perform on the All-Region Band Concert on Friday night, January 17 at the Guyer HS Auditorium. Many thanks to their outstanding band directors and private lesson teachers for helping them prepare for the auditions. Best wishes to the students auditioning for the All-State Band in the next round.


Braswell HS Band (5A)

Directors: Aaron Snipes, Taylor Sitzman, Alan Miller

Amelia Phillips (10th grade)- Flute, 4th chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Kennedy Smith (9th grade)- Flute, 9th chair

Cameron Stock (12th grade)- Bb Clarinet, 4th chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Kenia Zetino (10th grade)- Bb Clarinet, 6th chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Landan Sides (10th grade)- Bb Clarinet, 12th chair

Sadie Johnson (10th grade)- Bb Clarinet, 14th chair

Sophie Alexander (10th grade)- Bassoon, 2nd chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Christopher Delgado (10th grade)- Alto Sax, 4th chair

Brenden Morgan (12th grade)- Alto Sax, 6th chair

Aidan Evano (10th grade)- Trumpet, 5th chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Palmer Biggers (9th Grade)- Horn, 8th chair (9th Grade Region Band)

Sam Paget (11th grade)- Tenor Trombone, 1st chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Travis Harris (10th grade)- Tenor Trombone, 4th chair

Ethan Pearce (11th grade)- Bass Trombone, 1st chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Devin Decker (10th grade)- Euphonium, 3rd chair

Alexander Blandino (11th grade) - Percussion, 3rd chair

John Pugh (12th grade)- Percussion, 8th chair



Denton HS Band (5A)

Directors: Brian Wilson, Jesse Woolery, Phillip Elder 

Greta MacMillan (11), Flute, 1st Chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Mitchell Case (12), Bb Clarinet, 5th Chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Armando De La Rosa (12), Bb Clarinet, 11th Chair

Lily Fosmire (10), Bb Clarinet, 13th Chair

Samuel DeHart (12), Contra Bass Clarinet, 1st Chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Eric Crenshaw (12), Alto Saxophone, 3rd Chair

Christian Sturgell (12), Trumpet, 6th Chair

Eli Adams (9), Trumpet, 7th Chair

Jasi Lopez (12), Trumpet, 10th Chair

Marco Illari (10), Horn, 2nd Chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Caleb Harold (9), Horn, 3rd Chair * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Thomas Hudson (11), Horn, 4th Chair, * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Elijah Sang (12), Horn, 7th Chair

Leo Illari (9), Tenor Trombone, 8th Chair

Nicole Cygan (9), Tenor Trombone, 5th Chair (9th Grade Region Band)


Guyer HS Band (6A)

Directors: Amy Woody, Dr. Ellis Hampton, Oscar Ban

Ben Snethen, Bb Clarinet, 12th * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Audrey Kim, Bb Clarinet, 12th

Cale Golden, Bb Clarinet, 9th

Emma Garnier, Bb Clarinet, 11th

Francisco Moran, Bassoon, 12th

Hannah Gorman, Bass Clarinet, 9th (9th Grade Region Band)

Garrett Savior, Tenor Sax, 11th  * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Frankie Pescina, Bari Sax, 9th  (9th Grade Band)

Zack Mistrot, French Horn, 11th

Collin Goodridge, French Horn, 9th (9th Grade Region Band)

Bobby Carlisle, Trumpet, 9th (9th Grade Region Band)

Ethan Woodman, Trombone, 10th

Alex Robinson, Trombone, 12th

Hayden Hayes, Euphonium, 12th * ADVANCED TO AREA*

Nicholas Wilson, Tuba, 11th

Cutter Gohlke, Tuba, 9th (9th Grade Region Band)

Ashton Cartwright, Percussion, 12th


Ryan HS Band (5A)

Directors: Mary Brown, Akira Robles, Juan Nunez

Sydney Holsomback – 5th Chair Flute

Michael Sepe – 4th Chair Oboe

Bailey Milton – 7th Chair Clarinet

Kyle Lentz – 8th Chair Clarinet

Jacob Ryter – 2nd Chair Alto Sax *ADVANCED TO AREA*

Leah Butcher – 5th Chair Alto Sax

Kevin Delgado – 2nd Chair Tenor Sax

Jake Jaurengui-Garcia – 4th Chair Bassoon

Gavin Mosty – 8th Chair Trumpet

Marisa Hamner – 9th Chair Trumpet

Gabriel Williams – 2nd Chair Bass Trombone *ADVANCED TO AREA*

Alex Howell – 2nd Chair Percussion *ADVANCED TO AREA*

Teague Imboden – 6th Chair Percussion

Jacob Coronado – 7th Chair Percussion