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38 DISD Students Selected for TMEA HS All-Region Orchestra

On Saturday, October 16, high school orchestra students from Denton ISD performed in the TMEA Region 2 HS Orchestra auditions, competing with students from all across Region 2. A total of 38 DISD students were selected to the HS All-Region Orchestras and 12 students qualified to audition for the TMEA All-State Orchestras.

Congratulations to these outstanding students for earning a position in the All-Region Orchestras. These students have the honor of representing Denton ISD and performing in the All-Region Orchestra Concert, December 11 at Eaton HS. Many thanks to their awesome orchestra directors and private lesson teachers for helping them prepare for the auditions. Best wishes to the students auditioning for All-State!


Braswell HS Orchestra - Michael Burris, director

TMEA Region 2 Symphony Orchestra:

Chloe Svadlenka, Violin

Anthony Brooks, Viola

Alain Mpinda, Bass



Denton HS Orchestra - Carrie Atkins, director; Sandy Cubero, associate director

TMEA Region 2 Symphony Orchestra:

Hannah Lee, Violin (record State audition)

Maya Huber, Cello (record State audition)

Lucas Russell, Bass


TMEA Region 2 Philharmonic Orchestra:

Kyubeen Lee, Violin



Guyer HS Orchestra - Michelle Hanlon, director; Sarah Wright, associate director

TMEA Region 2 Symphony Orchestra:

Violin     Audrey Lee (record State audition)

Violin     Gyouwon Cho (record State audition)

Violin     Joseph Hwang   

Violin     Eta Tako                            

Violin     Aidan Layman (record State audition)

Violin     Hannah Kim   

Violin     Gina Hall      

Viola      Jacob Wong                      

Cello      Jackson Williams  (record State audition)  

Cello      Gyouin Cho        (record State audition)  

Bass          Christian Luevano   (record State audition)

Bass          Harper Robbins                 

Harp      Sofia D'Aquilio  (record State audition)         


TMEA Region 2 Philharmonic Orchestra:

Violin     Yenna Hall                           

Violin     Siddhartha Shah                           

Violin     Lauren Kim                     

Violin     Ethan Jones                     

Violin     Cindy Alonso-Cocuron              

Violin     Sophia San Miguel                      

Violin     Clara Beeks                     

Violin     Jonathan Giron               

Viola      Sydney Wall        (record State audition) 

Cello      Christian Cruz-Sotelo    (record State audition)           

Cello      Carter Williams            

Cello      Sean Lim                    

Cello      AJ Knowles                       

Bass          Lilly Cupit                         


Ryan HS Orchestra - Jeremy Atkins, director

TMEA Region 2 Symphony Orchestra:


Osiel Cardenas, Viola



TMEA Region 2 Philharmonic Orchestra:


Daehan Chan, Violin


Albert Park, Cello (record State audition)   


Adrian Padilla-Platas, Cello