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24 Students Selected for TMEA All-Region Middle School Choir

On Saturday, Oct.16, middle school choral students representing Denton ISD performed in the Texas Music Educators Association(TMEA) Region 2 middle school choir auditions, competing with students from all across Region 2. A total of 24 district students were selected to the All-Region Middle School Choir. The selected students will perform at the Middle School All-Region Choir Concert on Saturday, Nov. 13 at Braswell High School. 

Congratulations to these outstanding students for earning a position in the All-Region Choirs. Many thanks to their awesome choir directors and private lesson teachers for helping them prepare for the auditions. 


Calhoun MS Choir - Denise Stephens, director

Angelina Griffiths, Soprano 1, Honor Treble Choir

Claire O’Brien, Alto, Select Treble Choir

Regina Taylor, Alto, Select Treble Choir


Crownover MS Choir, Charlie Lotspeich, director

Hadley Barnette Soprano 1 - Honor Treble Choir

Calli Dickerson Soprano 1 - Select Treble Choir

Jerry Yang Baritone - Tenor/Bass Honor Choir


Harpool MS Choir - Tawny Rybowicz, director

Alysson Delloro  Soprano 1, Honor Treble Choir

Amelia Coker Soprano 1, Select Treble Choir

Willow Evans Alto, Honor Treble Choir

Jacob Diaz Tenor 2, Tenor/Bass Choir

Noah Watson Tenor 2, Tenor/Bass Choir


McMath MS Choir - Shelly Swafford, director

Sami Mendez, Soprano 2, Honor Treble Choir


Navo MS Choir - AliceAnn Hostetter, director

Emma Anderson, Soprano 1 Select Treble Choir

Katelyn Busick, Alto Select Treble Choir

Maryn Evans, Alto Honor Treble Choir

Aislinn Nelson, Alto Select Treble Choir


Rodriguez MS Choir - Delanie Sager, director; Diana Taylor, assistant director

Isabela Ginn, Alto - Honor Treble Choir

Taylor Kim, Alto - Select Treble Choir

Christopher Van der Merwe, Tenor 2 - Tenor/Bass Choir


Strickland MS Choir - Vinny Thomas, director; Kimberly Rybowicz, assistant director

Lana Watson, Soprano 2 Select Choir

Emily Hipo, Alto Select Choir 

Stephanie Chavira, Soprano 2 Select Choir 

Olivia Coppin, Soprano 1 Select Choir 

Seth Ueckert, Bass, Tenor/Bass Choir