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34 DISD Students Selected for TMEA Region 2 HS Choir

On October 18-19, high school choral students representing Denton ISD performed in phase 2 of the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Region 2 high school choir auditions, competing with students from all across Region 2. A total of 34 DISD students were selected to the All-Region High School Choir. The selected students will perform at the Region 2 High School Choir Concert on Saturday, November 6 at Denton High School. 20 of these students have advanced to the Pre-Area auditions for a chance to advance to the All-State auditions.

Congratulations to these outstanding students for earning a position in the All-Region Choirs. Many thanks to their awesome choir directors and private lesson teachers for helping them prepare for the auditions. Best wishes to the students advancing to Pre-Area!


Braswell HS Choir - Ben Oehlschlaeger, director; Kaela Vance, associate director

Region 2 Mixed Choir:

Krista Page, Alto 2 (Advanced to Pre-Area)


Region 2 Treble Choir:

Hannah Blake, Soprano 2

Kaylee Davis, Soprano 2

Miyah Dobbs, Alto 1

Trinity Flanagan, Soprano 2

Sidney Jones, Alto 1


Denton HS Choir - Kaitlyn Candler, director; Emilio Sanchez, associate director

Region 2 Mixed Choir:

Aaron Borges, Bass 2 (Advanced to Pre-Area)

Gary Felderhoff, Bass 1 (Advanced to Pre-Area)

Alexia Hollins, Alto 2 (Advanced to Pre-Area)

Margaret Nicholson, Alto 2 (Advanced to Pre-Area)


Guyer HS Choir - Katherine Engle, director; Tyler Fox, associate director

Region 2 Mixed Choir:

Aiden Daniels, Bass 1 (Advanced to Pre-Area)                   

Claire Gillman, Soprano 2 (Advanced to Pre-Area)           

Jayden Hollister, Tenor 1 (Advanced to Pre-Area)               

Luke Knittle, Bass 2 (Advanced to Pre-Area)                   

Maxwell McCullough, Bass 2 (Advanced to Pre-Area)   

Anastasia Reed, Soprano 2 (Advanced to Pre-Area)           

Katherine Spalding, Tenor 1 (Advanced to Pre-Area)

William West, Tenor 2 (Advanced to Pre-Area)               

Sydney Whitehead, Alto 2 (Advanced to Pre-Area)  

Lucas Vandiver, Tenor 1 (Advanced to Pre-Area)


Region 2 Treble Choir:

Chandini Kumaran, Soprano 1

Lauren McGrew, Soprano 2

Jostyn Reiff, Soprano 2

Emma Beeks, Alto 1

Ha-young Kim, Alto 1

Alex Smith, Alto 1

Alycea Morales, Alto 2


Ryan HS Choir - David Rives, director; Sam Kats, associate director

Region 2 Mixed Choir:

Elizabeth Lambert, Alto 1, (Advanced to Pre-Area)

Rachel Braunschweig, Alto 2, (Advanced to Pre-Area)

Favour Ayeni, Alto 2, (Advanced to Pre-Area)

Levi Broom, Tenor 2, (Advanced to Pre-Area)

Jack Bowman, Tenor 2, (Advanced to Pre-Area)


Region 2 Treble Choir:

Andrea Smith, Soprano 1

Savanah Serrano, Alto 2