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Students Selected for Denton ISD All-District Middle School Band

On Saturday, November 6, band students from Denton ISD's eight middle school campuses performed in the Denton ISD All-District MS Band auditions hosted at McMath MS. This 93 member band consists of the top MS band students from across Denton ISD. These students will perform in the All-District MS Band Clinic and Concert, January 21, 2022 at Denton HS.

Congratulations to these outstanding middle school band students. Many thanks to their band directors, private lesson teachers, and parents for supporting them and helping them prepare for their auditions.

2021-22 Denton ISD Middle School All-District Band:

Student   Instrument Gr School
Eleni Jo Browne Flute 8 Harpool MS
Brody Woodley Flute 8 Navo MS
Julianne Dempsey Flute 8 Harpool MS
Zimin Kwon Flute 8 Harpool MS
Morgan Cote Flute 8 Rodriguez MS
Natalie Luckey Flute 8 Harpool MS
Audrey Stone Flute 8 Harpool MS
Destiny Lang Flute 8 Myers MS
Jade Gonzalez Flute 7 Crownover MS
Rachel (Boyoung) Shin Flute 8 Rodriguez MS
Adalynn Faulkner Oboe 8 McMath MS
Daniil Ulyashev Oboe 8 Calhoun MS
Isabella Fehr Oboe 8 Harpool MS
Dara Comport Oboe 8 Navo MS
Ainslee Love Clarinet 8 Crownover MS
Vivian Wille Clarinet 7 Harpool MS
Skyler Wren Clarinet 8 Harpool MS
Valerie Philipps Clarinet 8 Navo MS
Violette Quintana Clarinet 7 Crownover MS
Kevin Lin Clarinet 7 Crownover MS
Anthony Palacios Clarinet 7 Crownover MS
Anirudha Bhattar Clarinet 8 Rodriguez MS
Madison Sipes Clarinet 8 Navo MS
Brynleigh Geltmeier Clarinet 8 Crownover MS
Angel Martinez Clarinet 7 Crownover MS
Jonathan Martino Clarinet 8 Strickland MS
Agustin Izquierdo Clarinet 7 Harpool MS
Macey Parks Clarinet 8 Harpool MS
Madison Kanatzar Clarinet 7 Crownover MS
Sarah Thompson Bass Clarinet 7 Harpool MS
William Winder Bassoon 7 Harpool MS
Zachary Murello Bassoon 8 Harpool MS
Bailey Allen Bassoon 8 Navo MS
Layla Ellison Bassoon 8 Rodriguez MS
Clayton Carpenter Alto Saxophone 8 Crownover MS
Carleigh Roberson Alto Saxophone 8 Harpool MS
Jayel Umer Alto Saxophone 7 Navo MS
Grayson Mulholland Alto Saxophone 7 Crownover MS
Sophia Bahamon Alto Saxophone 8 Myers MS
Pierce Lasell Alto Saxophone 8 Crownover MS
River VaQuera Tenor Saxophone 8 Strickland MS
Lins Joao-Gabriel Tenor Saxophone 8 Harpool MS
Braydon Kilgore Tenor Saxophone 7 Crownover MS
Nicholas Snider Baritone Saxophone 8 Crownover MS
Carson Seibt Baritone Saxophone 8 Harpool MS
Jenna Ojeda Trumpet 8 Rodriguez MS
Kennedy Dixon Trumpet 8 Crownover MS
David Teagle Trumpet 8 Myers MS
Xavier Carrillo Trumpet 8 Myers MS
Luke Furr Trumpet 7 Crownover MS
Donald Srimushnam Trumpet 7 Harpool MS
Ayden Gresik Trumpet 7 Harpool MS
Avery Bright Trumpet 7 Calhoun MS
Hudson Whitten Trumpet 7 Strickland MS
Andrew Johnson Trumpet 7 Crownover MS
Anthony Ventola Trumpet 8 Harpool MS
Brayden Wood Trumpet 7 Rodriguez MS
Ella Garcia F Horn 7 Crownover MS
Ashley Crouch F Horn 7 Harpool MS
Rylen Harshman F Horn 7 Crownover MS
Braxten Bounds F Horn 8 Strickland MS
Bellamy Curtain Trombone 8 Crownover MS
Nicholas Schiller Trombone 7 Rodriguez MS
Clarissa Swindull Trombone 8 Harpool MS
Jack Preston Trombone 7 Harpool MS
Ryan Waddelow Trombone 7 Harpool MS
James Willoughby Trombone 8 Harpool MS
Armando Zavala Trombone 7 Harpool MS
Jonathan LeFlore Trombone 8 Rodriguez MS
Robert Archer Trombone 8 McMath MS
Jackson Sacharko Trombone 8 Calhoun MS
Falmata Tahiro Euphonium 8 Rodriguez MS
Jayden George Euphonium 7 Crownover MS
Daniel Martin Euphonium 8 Crownover MS
Mason McFarling Euphonium 8 Calhoun MS
Carter Jones Euphonium 7 Rodriguez MS
Kiana Bonhama Euphonium 8 Calhoun MS
Kailey Campbell Euphonium 8 Harpool MS
Colton Au Euphonium 8 Crownover MS
Luke Pierce Tuba 7 Harpool MS
Barrett Ellis Tuba 8 Harpool MS
Grayson Pope Tuba 8 McMath MS
Matt Messerle Tuba 7 Harpool MS
Cole Chambers Tuba 8 Crownover MS
Jaylen Lawson Tuba 8 Crownover MS
Kaitlyn Del Palacio Percussion 8 Crownover MS
Mercy Ronoh Percussion 8 Navo MS
Charlie Milne Percussion 8 Calhoun MS
Liam Welsh Percussion 7 Crownover MS
Emma Anderson Percussion 8 Navo MS
Eiyala Sawadivong Percussion 8 Calhoun MS
Carlsten Austria Percussion 7 Navo MS
Sylvia Rahmlow Percussion 8 Calhoun MS