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HS Orchestra Students Earn 150 1st Division Medals at UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest

On Saturday, January 29, orchestra students from Braswell, Denton, Guyer, and Ryan High School performed in the UIL Region 2 Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Contest. These students were awarded a total of 150 First Division Medals for meeting the rubric for a superior performance of their solo or small ensemble as determined by the UIL judges. 87 of them also qualified for the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest. Congratulations to these outstanding students for this accomplishment. Many thanks to their hard-working directors and private lesson teachers for supporting them and helping them prepare for this evaluative performance.


Braswell HS - Michael Burris, director

1st Division Solos:

Chloe Svadlenka- Violin, State qualified

Kat Tupper- Violin

Anthony Brooks- Viola, State qualified

Alain Mpinda- Bass, State qualified

1st Division Ensemble:

String Quartet (State qualified): Alain Mpinda, Anne Huynh, Anthony Brooks, and Fiona Saldia


Denton HS - Carrie Atkins, director, and Sandy Cubero, associate director

1st Division Solos: 

Chen Trevor- VIOLIN, State qualified

Lee Hanna- VIOLIN, State qualified

Lee Kyubeen - VIOLIN, State qualified

Melchor Jose - VIOLA, State qualified

Huber Maya - CELLO, State qualified

Jones Connor - CELLO, State qualified

Rogers Brynn - GUITAR, State qualified

Russell Lucas - BASS

Pakebusch Rebekah - VIOLIN

Lovette Jack - VIOLA

Fukuchi Kenta - CELLO

1st Division Ensembles:

String Quartet (State qualified): Bell Kira, Jones Connor, Lee Hannah, Lee Kyubeen

Violin Trio: Carrillo Barbara, Cortes Aristoteles, Cundapi Genesis

Cello Trio: Canales Esau, Cotton Gavin, Richter Phoebe

Violin/Viola Duet: Melchor Jose and Esteves Aurora

Cello Duet: Fukuchi Kenta and Maxwell Zeke

Violin/Cello Duet: Huber Maya and Pakebusch Rebekah

Bass Duet: Russell Lucas and Truemper William


Guyer HS - Michelle Hanlon, director, and Sarah Wright, associate director

1st Division Solos:

Calub Vrazel                         Violin

Mandalyn Greene              Viola

Kaylee Gibson                     Bass

Joyce  Hu                               Violin

Trisha Kundu                        Violin

Mia Muniz                            Violin

Leah Simon                          Violin

Ashely Velazquez               Violin

Rachel Woods                     Violin

Camille Cashen                   Cello

Mersades Freelove            Cello

Nathan Oldham                  Cello

Alexa  Perez-Ferrari           Cello

Antonella Echeverria         Violin

David Hernandez               Violin

Taylor Beckford                   Viola

Courtney Cole                    Viola

Dylan Haefner                     Viola

Jacob Wong                         Viola

Sebastian Bourbon             Cello

Taylor Dickerson                Cello

Josiah Hugo                          Cello

Cindy Alonso-Cocuron     Violin, State qualified

Clara  Beeks                         Violin, State qualified

Gyouwon Cho                     Violin, State qualified

Jonathan Giron                  Violin, State qualified

Gina Hall                              Violin, State qualified

Yenna Hall                          Violin, State qualified

David Hwang                      Violin, State qualified

Hannah Kim                         Violin, State qualified

Lauren Kim                          Violin, State qualified

Aidan Layman                     Violin, State qualified

Audrey Lee                          Violin, State qualified

Siddhartha  Shah               Violin, State qualified

Fox Gengo                            Viola, State qualified

Sydney Wall                        Viola, State qualified

David Labelle                      Cello, State qualified

Emma Beeks                       Cello, State qualified

Christian Cruz-Sotelo       Cello, State qualified

Julia Kim                               Cello, State qualified

A.J.  Knowles                      Cello, State qualified

Sean Lim                               Cello, State qualified

Gavin Sciarrino                   Cello, State qualified

Lindsay Sciarrino               Cello, State qualified

Carter Williams                  Cello, State qualified

Jackson Williams               Cello, State qualified

Harper Robbins                  Bass, State qualified

Sofia D'Aquilio                   Harp, State qualified

1st Division Ensembles:

Duet: Christian Delgado Ortega   Violin

Jaden Hildalgo                       Bass


Duet: Abigail Cannedy                  Violin

Viana Columna                   Violin


Duet: Peyton Jarrett                     Cello

Katie Little                            Violin


Duet: Mia Mattingly                      Violin

Purvi Weerasinghe             Violin


Violin Quartet (State qualified)                 

Joseph Hwang                    Violin

Hannah Kim                         Violin

Siddhartha Shah                Violin

Eta-Maru Tako                    Violin


String Quartet (State qualified)                

Cindy Alonso-Cocuron     Violin

Clara Beeks                         Violin

Taylor Beckford                 Viola

Emma Beeks                       Cello


String Quartet (State qualified)                

Gyouwon Cho                     Violin

Yenna Hall                           Violin

Sydney Wall                         Viola

Christian  Cruz-Sotelo      Cello


String Quartet (State qualified)                

Archer Hilton                      Violin

Ethan Jones                         Violin

Dylan Haefner                    Viola

A.J. Knowles                       Cello


String Quartet (State qualified)               

Aidan Layman                     Violin

Audrey Lee                          Violin

Jacob Wong                         Viola

Jackson Williams               Cello


Bass Quartet (State qualified)                 

Lucas Henson                     Bass

Kiwi Lynas                            Bass

Brendan Rieder                 Bass

Harper Robbins                  Bass


Duet (State qualified)             

Fox Gengo                            Viola

Ah-Young Kim                     Cello


Cello Choir (State qualified)              

Ah-Young Kim                     Cello

David Labelle                      Cello

Sean Lim                               Cello

Carter Williams                  Cello


Ryan HS - Jeremy Atkins, director

1st Division Solos:

Armintor, Shulamith

Barton, Keana

Garcia, Marcus

Leath, Allison

Taylor, Lucy

Chang, Daehan

Sourdot, Luke

Jordan, Kenndall

Onyegbule, Pearl

Cardenas, Osiel (State qualified)

Park, Albert (State qualified)

Desautels, Luke

Elaiho, Catheryn

Padilla-Platas, Adrian (State qualified)

1st Division Ensembles:

Le, Jacqueline

Le, Jazlyn

Xiao, Nicole

Bannick, Warner

Jones, Donovan

Davis, Ana Sofia (State qualified)

Harris, Ava (State qualified)

Ramirez-Ulloa, Abril (State qualified)

Sepe, Elle (State qualified)

Clarke, Caiden (State qualified)

Grimaldo, Izabella (State qualified)

Orozco, Elijah (State qualified)

Williams, Hannah (State qualified)