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Choir Students Selected to Perform in the Denton ISD 6th Grade Honor Choir

6th grade choral students from around Denton ISD were selected by audition for the All-District 6th Grade Honor Choir. The 75 member choir consists of the most outstanding 6th grade vocalists from DISD's eight middle schools. The choir will perform in a public concert on Friday, March 4 at Ryan High School beginning at 6:00pm, that also includes a performance by the 9th-10th Grade Honor Choir.

Congratulations to these outstanding choral students and their awesome teachers for helping them build their singing skills and prepare for this audition.

Crownover Cassidy Jones
Strickland Jaycee Saucedo
Rodriguez Londyn Grimes
Strickland Izamar Flores
Strickland Arwen Emery
Navo Ariella Crenshaw
Navo Aislyn Spinks
Calhoun Romelia Mendoza
Strickland Viralei Lavacek
Navo Edyn Oakley
Harpool Olivia Sprinceana
Strickland Dia Patel
Navo Marcella Medlock
Strickland Becca Parker
Crownover Katelyn Gust
Rodriguez Alayna Muniz
Navo Kendra Page
Strickland Samiah Cox
Navo Alexis Lokken
Harpool Catalina Ramon
Myers Delices Kabuya
Harpool Eva Shropshire
McMath Kayla Culpepper
Crownover Ryleigh Bohen
Calhoun Aubrey Van Ingen


Harpool Ella Rybowicz
Harpool Brooklyn Kimberlin
Strickland Mia Norris
Navo Summer Willis
Calhoun Madison Moore
Myers Theresa Montemayor
Strickland Reese Gaidar
Strickland Hailey Koch
Rodriguez Zoe Millinder
McMath Angie Huynh
Strickland Alexa Feagley-Hays
Calhoun Aleah Hollins
Myers Angela Gonzalez
Strickland Keziah Edwards
Rodriguez Alyssa Barrios
Strickland Zuri Azpeitia
Navo Victory Oguiyemi
Strickland Shayna Adams
Navo Vivian Suarez
Rodriguez Cherish Brown
Rodriguez Melany Gutierrez
Rodriguez Lilly Garza
Rodriguez Emori Pea
McMath Scarlett (Kai) Zenisek
Strickland Hilary Cuevas


TENOR 1    
Strickland Ben Torra
Strickland Luke Byru
Calhoun Seth Latham
Rodriguez Aiden McAbee
McMath Carston Berry
Calhoun Andrew Vincent
Myers Grayson Lopez
Strickland Caleb Lewis
Rodriguez Anthony Ward
Strickland Samuel Morales
Strickland Andrew Leath
Rodriguez Julian Nobles


TENOR 2    
Strickland Nicolas Mills
Rodriguez Wesley Duesenberg
Myers Grayson Kamstra
Harpool Jaxon Oseguera
McMath Hinckley Needham
Calhoun Michael Ramirez
Rodriguez Doncari Canada
Navo Logan Evans
Calhoun Enea Shyle
Harpool Kingston Cano
Harpool Logan Smith
Strickland Kylan Stafford
Rodriguez Omid Aghda