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TMEA Region 2 Jazz Band

Congratulations to our Denton ISD High School Band students who were selected by audition for the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Region 2 Jazz Ensemble. This is an exclusive group of students that will continue on to audition for the TMEA All-State Jazz Ensemble. 

TMEA and TJEA cooperatively organize, manage and operate the TMEA Region and All-State Jazz Ensemble programs. The jazz ensembles are unique among the TMEA All-State performing ensembles. The group's forty members are comprised of students who each play an un-doubled and individual part, are called upon to improvise extemporaneously in performance, and are selected to one of two All-State ensembles from a single audition at the Region level.

Denton ISD had 9 students placed in the Region 2 Jazz Ensemble. These students are from Denton High School and Braswell High School.

Braswell High School
Arianna Shepherd- 1st Trumpet
Nathan Contreras- 2nd Trumpet
Joseph Brooks- 1st Trombone
Jacob Lastovica- 3rd Trombone
Nick Schiller- 2nd Bass Trombone
Denton High School
Milo Kaplan- 1st Alto Sax
Tobias Harold- 2nd Tenor Sax
Owen Mooney- 1st Bass Trombone
Garrett Purcell- 4th Trumpet