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2023 MS All-District Band

Middle School Band students participated in the 2023 All-District Band auditions on Saturday, October 14, 2023. Students performed a lyrical piece, scales, and technical piece for judges to be selected for the All-District Band. Students will play together as the All-District Band after their clinic at Ryan High School on January 19, 2024. 

Congratulations to the following students, directors, and band programs: 


Flute McMath 8 Brooks Luna
Flute Rodriguez 8 Lampe Alina
Flute Calhoun 8 Sanchez Lianah
Flute Crownover 7 Moon Jessica
Flute Rodriguez 8 Abernathy Charli
Flute Harpool 8 Garcia Gianna
Flute Crownover 7 Black Claire
Flute Navo 8 Mousavi Yeganeh
Flute Myers 7 Acosta-Soto Camila
Flute Navo 7 Castine Madison
Flute Rodriguez 8 Andrew Naima


Oboe Harpool 8 Shin Hyunwoo
Oboe McMath 8 Brooks Angela
Oboe McMath 8 Harold Wesley
Oboe Navo 8 Rodriguez Luciana
Oboe Crownover 8 Knipe Madelyn


Bassoon Harpool 8 Garcia Nathan
Bassoon Navo 8 Alputan Jeanne
Bassoon Harpool 8 Justice Lukas
Bassoon Harpool 8 Brown Ethan


Clarinet McMath 8 Tapia Lily
Clarinet McMath 8 Blackstock Aeryn
Clarinet Crownover 8 Kolbo Alex
Clarinet Rodriguez 8 Williams Mekenzie
Clarinet Harpool 8 Garcia Kylie
Clarinet Navo 8 Hernandez Deborah
Clarinet Harpool 8 Boccoleri Enzo
Clarinet Navo 8 Willis Summer
Clarinet Cheek 7 Aoki Monaka
Clarinet Navo 8 Kent Kacee
Clarinet Myers 8 Guffey Connor
Clarinet Navo 8 Law Riley
Clarinet Calhoun 7 Cepko Chase
Clarinet Crownover 8 Celaya Joshua
Clarinet Harpool 8 Logan Anna

Bass Clarinet

Bass Clarinet Crownover 8 Larin Maylin

Alto Saxophone 

Alto Sax Harpool 8 Vega Bobby
Alto Sax Cheek 8 Okafor Amaka
Alto Sax Crownover 8 Gomez Sean
Alto Sax McMath 7 Glass Horace
Alto Sax Harpool 7 Evans Casyn
Alto Sax Harpool 8 Olivas Jude

Tenor Saxophone

Tenor Sax Navo 8 Pardue Austin
Tenor Sax Harpool 8 Hall Landon
Tenor Sax McMath 7 Nunez-Janes Gabriela

Bari Sax

Bari Sax Crownover 8 Lazaro Fili
Bari Sax McMath 7 Dickens Caroline


Trumpet Crownover 8 Leon Eduardo
Trumpet Strickland 8 Barton Anesia
Trumpet Harpool 8 Kendall Rivers
Trumpet Navo 8 Montes Makayla
Trumpet Navo 7 Hackler Samantha
Trumpet Harpool 8 Ryan Austin
Trumpet Myers 8 Lopez Grayson
Trumpet Crownover 7 Glotzbach Kellen
Trumpet Navo 8 Henry Josiah
Trumpet Harpool 8 Browning Benjamin
Trumpet McMath 7 Vazquez Aaron
Trumpet McMath 7 Thomas Andrew


Horn Rodriguez 8 Razo Romeo
Horn Harpool 8 Bolanos Dylan
Horn McMath 7 Brage Xander
Horn Rodriguez 8 Green Preston
Horn Strickland 8 Villa-Herrera Ivana


Trombone McMath 8 Lynch Noah
Trombone McMath 7 Perez Zeke
Trombone Calhoun 8 Hoffman Connor
Trombone Rodriguez 8 Woolfolk Jayden
Trombone McMath 8 Aguilar Daniel
Trombone McMath 7 Lawson Brendon
Trombone Navo 8 Zaloudik Tyson
Trombone Crownover 8 Jimenez Leo
Trombone Navo 7 Byers Kennedy
Trombone Calhoun 8 Rubio Dhanoola Giovanni
Trombone Harpool 8 Terzo Nicholas


Euphonium Harpool 8 Bean Sam
Euphonium Rodriguez 8 Crawford John
Euphonium Myers 8 Jackson Josiah
Euphonium Harpool 8 Noel Rowan
Euphonium Navo 8 Alba Lucas
Euphonium Calhoun 8 Sedar Gabriel
Euphonium Strickland 8 Ocampo Omar
Euphonium Strickland 8 Salazar Mia


Tuba Harpool 8 Stoltz Noah
Tuba Harpool 7 Pierce James
Tuba Strickland 8 Pratt Maleek
Tuba Calhoun 7 Lam James
Tuba Crownover 8 Burley Jonathan
Tuba Harpool 8 McCann Jack
Tuba Navo 7 Afolabi Temi


Percussion McMath 8 Smithers Titus
Percussion McMath 8 Brage Boden
Percussion Cheek 8 Duesenberg Wesley
Percussion Cheek 7 Harrell Brayden
Percussion Harpool 8 Jones Blake
Percussion Cheek 8 Howell Henry
Percussion Navo 7 Hackler Dorothy
Percussion Navo 8 Randall Benjamin