• Home Access Center

    Students automatically had an account created; they should use their computer log in to get into HAC here.
    Parents must have accounts created; go here for information on having an account created.  If you already have an account, you can go here to log in.
    There are a few things you need to know about HAC:
    1. The first screen you come to is the Home screen.  You can get back to it at any time by clicking the Home button at the top.  It gives you an overview of the week; if you click the calendar tab you can see the assignments for the month.
    2. If you click on the grade on the first screen you come to, you will see the assignments for that class.  If there is a little dash in the box for the assignment, the teacher has not recorded the grade - there is no indication of whether or not it has been turned in.  If there is a blank in a box, the assignment is missing.  The Classes button at the top indicates a better picture of a grade for any given class.
    3. The attendance button will show you attendance for the month
    4. The Classes button lists all grades and overall score for each class.  Blank grades here show a score that has not been entered by a teacher.  If an assignment is missing, it will be listed as msg.
    5. The Grades button will show you Interim Progress Report (IPR) and Report Card (RC) grades.  Depending on the time during the six weeks, you will need to select the appropriate tab as needed.  The Transcript is unofficial and the Test Scores are the information the district has put in to date.
    6. The Student Support button houses discipline.
    7. The Registration button shows the information that the parent/student provided at registration