• District Vision: All stakeholders in Denton ISD will become responsible digital citizens who use technology safely, effectively, ethically, and respectfully.
    Savannah Vision: Students and staff at Savannah Elementary will have equal access to technology to create and share their learning as responsible digital citizens. 
    Digital Citizenship Lessons Taught at Savannah:
    4th Grade: Communication: How can using a cell phone distract you? Digital Passport Family Tip Sheet #1
                      Privacy: What information is safe and smart to put online? Digital Passport Family Tip Sheet #2
                      Cyberbullying: How can you become an upstander when you see cyberbullying occur? Digital Passport Family Tip Sheet #3
                      Search: Why is it important to choose the right keywords when you search online? Digital Passport Family Tip Sheet #4
                      Creative Credit: How do you properly give and receive credit for creative work? Digital Passport Family Tip Sheet #5
    5th Grade: Communication:  Why is being a good digital citizen and using same online practices important to me?                              Family Tip Sheet #1
                      Privacy: How do you know if a website protects your private information? Family Tip Sheet #2
                      Cyberbullying: What is cyberbullying and how do you deal with it? Family Tip Sheet #3
                      Search: Which keywords will give you the best search results? Family Tip Sheet #4
                      Creative Credit: How can you show respect for other people's work? Family Tip Sheet #5
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