Rainforest Research Project

  • For this project, students will choose a rainforest animal to research and present to the class.  They will create a booklet or paper with the information they gather, as well as a visual aid to show the class during their presentation.  The deadline for both parts of this project is Thursday, May 25, 2017.  Students will present their projects to the class the following week.


     Student Instructions:

    1) First, you will pick an animal you want to research.

    2) Once you have the name of your animal, you will begin to look for information using different sources to answer the questions listed below.

    3) You will need to find information from at least one book and one website.

    4) You will use a graphic organizer (such as a post-it notes in booklet) to organize your information.  Write where you found your information (cite your resources) in each section.

    5) Once you have finished gathering information, you will need to write a rough draft for your booklet or paper.

    6) You will need to work on your visual aid mostly at home, but you may work on it during research time in class once you finish your booklet or paper.

    7) The final step is to submit your final draft and then present your rainforest animal to your class during a scheduled time!


    Questions students will answer during their research

    and will need to include in their booklet or paper: 

    1. Animal name and drawing
    2. What does your animal look like?
    3. In which rainforest layer does your animal live?
    4. What does your animal eat?
    5. Which predators like to eat your animal?
    6. How would the food web be affected if your animal went extinct?
    7. What are some WOW facts?
    8. Where did you find your information? (cite your resources)


    Visual aid ideas:

    • Animal mask
    • Diorama of the animal and its habitat
    • Colorful poster
    • Paper mache animal
    • Create a painting
    • Make a video
    • Make a PowerPoint slide show


    Click here for informational slide show