Finding eBooks

    Click on the image above to watch a brief video about how to access eBooks at RHS. 

  • Denton ISD provides free eBooks or audiobooks for students using a computer, Chromebook, tablet, or cell phone. 

    • To access the eBooks, sign into your Denton ISD SSO.  Use your network login & password.
    • Look for the Library-eBooks/Other folder to find apps for all of our eBooks. 
    • For the largest selection of popular current series  ebooks, we recommend MackinVIA or Destiny Discover. 
    • eBooks may be checked out and read on your device. Once eBooks are checked out to you in one of these apps, you may download the ebooks directly to your device so that you can read at times when you don’t have internet access. Look for full instructions on how to access these apps below.



  • MackinVia


    The MackinVIA eBook collection includes fiction and non-fiction books, for all interests and reading levels. There are over 4,000 titles in this collection. You may check them out and read them online. If you prefer, you may download the MackinVia app on your device and then download each title you have checked out so that you can read at times when you don’t have internet access.

    How do I get the MackinVIA™ app?

    How do I download an eBook to my device?

    Find MackinVia by logging into the Denton ISD SSO using your network login & password. Look for the Library-eBooks folder to find the MackinVia app.




  • ebooks




    Click on the image above to access Denton Public Library

    The Denton Public Library offers two ebook platforms for account holders:  Hoopla and CloudLibrary.  Access to resources through the Denton Public Library are free if you have a public library account.  If you don't already have a free account, contact library@cityofdenton.com or contact them at https://library.cityofdenton.com/. Tell them you are a Denton ISD student for a free Books2Go account. 



    Click on the image above to access Riveted 

    Offers popular current eBooks on a time-limited basis. Watch for FULL READ or EXCERPT notes. Sign up for free account. Download books to any device, join in giveaways, access videos, etc.















    Click on the image above to access JLG Digital 

    Current popular  fiction titles. Unlimited access to read books online from any device. Titles rotate regularly so there are always new choices available.

                 Username: JLGELM    Password: JLGFREE

                 Username: JLGMID    Password: JLGFREE

                 Username: JLGHI      Password: JLGFREE





    Click on the image above to access Project Gutenberg 

    More than 61,000 free eBooks to download or read online. The world's greatest literature is here, with a focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired.