• Our Fine Arts programs are open to all students, and we are excited to share introductory videos of each middle school campus Fine Arts team for our 5th Grade students. These videos will allow families to view their middle school campus offerings and learn about the Fine Arts opportunities for the 2024-2025 school year. 

    Click the links below for videos about the Fine Arts offerings at Denton ISD's middle schools:


    Frequently Asked Questions?

    • What are the 6th Grade Fine Arts options?

    A 5th grade student can select to participate in band, choir, orchestra, theatre, visual art, and/or dance dependant on their campus offerings. 

    • How will my student learn about Fine Arts in middle school?

    All 5th Grade students will attend a 5th Grade Fine Arts Showcase field trip to learn about the options they have for middle school Fine Arts. Families will receive a letter about their campus choices, and you can view the showcase videos above for your middle school campus. 

    • How many Fine Arts electives can my student choose?

    Students can select 2 electives on their course card at all middle school campuses. IB Campuses require one of the electives to be an IB Language course. 

    • Is there a cost for each elective?

    Each elective has a differing fee, but financial assistant is available for all electives by speaking with the middle school director to support all student's participation in Fine Arts programs.

    • Can my student participate in Fine Arts and Athletics?

    Yes! We encourage students to do both. Each middle school designs their schedule to ensure this possibility.