• Calhoun Physical Education





    ·                    To attain efficient body mechanics to help lead a healthy life.

    ·                    To attain skills, knowledge and motivation for participating in a variety of physical education activities.

    ·                    To develop an appreciation for sports and a wholesome attitude toward leisure activities.

    ·                    To develop safety habits concerning playing conditions and equipment

    ·                    To learn the rules, regulations and officiating of various sports.

    ·                    To offer a variety of activities to meet individual needs.



    • Do what's right, do your best and treat people the way you want to be treated!

    • Students not in their assigned seating when the tardy bell rings will be considered tardy.

    • Students will have approximately five minutes to get dressed in their P.E. uniform

    • Students will be given approximately Five to Seven minutes at the end of class to dress back into their school clothes and wash up for class.

    • Students will remain in their assigned seating until the coach dismisses class.

    • No horse play at any time.

    • No Drinks (Except Water) in Locker Room or Gym

    • No Food in Locker Room or Gym

    • No phones, unless needed for activity

    • The proper P.E. uniform is required to participate with the class. Students ARE allowed to wear sweats if their class goes outside.

    ·                                                    (  If the proper P.E. uniform is not brought to class, the student will have an alternative activity)




    • We will have one, possibly two fitness days a week. This will normally include aerobic activity such as power walking, jogging or running.



    • A locker will be provided for each student.

    • Do not share lockers. Do not share locker combinations with others,

    • It is the student's responsibility to make sure their locker is properly locked at all times.

      (NO PENCILS)

    • Things will not be left out in the locker room during class.

    • DO NOT enter a locker that is not issued to you.

    • Backpacks will be left in designated area of gym.




    • The uniform required for Physical Education will be a solid gray T-shirt and  black or orange gym shorts, closed tennis shoes

    • The P.E. uniform must meet school dress code.

    • Students may not wear clothing that they wore to school as your Physical Education uniform.

    • Students’ last name must be written or printed on the T-shirt.

    • Proper footwear is required. Students must wear lace up athletic shoes.


    • The students’ number grade and conduct grade will be based on dressing out and participation in Physical Education.
    • Dress= Students will be deducted 5 pts a day for NOT dressing out. 
    • Participation = Students will be deducted 15 pts a day for NOT participating 



    • A written note from a parent or guardian will excuse the student from the physical activity for that day. A parent note will only be allowed two days in a row. A doctor's note must be obtained if the student is going to miss more than two days of participation.



    • We will provide the basic instruction for a variety of activities. We will teach team skills along with individual skills. We will always keep the safety of the student first and foremost in our class.


      Please feel free to call or email the staff if you have any questions.


      Thank you,

       Calhoun Physical Education Staff:

Last Modified on August 31, 2022