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  • Welcome to new school year at Rivera Elementary School! Students, families, and staff are welcome in the library for reading, researching, learning new skills and selecting great books to read. The library is open each school day from 7:30 am - 3:45 pm. 
    This year Pre-K through third grade will be in the specials rotation. Each week, your child in these grades will visit the library to check in/out books and for library lessons. Students in 4th and 5th grade will be coming to the library with their teacher or with their teacher's permission to check in/out new books and for library lessons. Please remember to take good care of items that you have borrowed and to be responsible about turning them in on time. Items must be turned in before new items can be checked out. Students are responsible for paying for any lost or damaged items. I know how much fun it is to check out new books, so make sure you keep your library record clear.
    Rivera students are encouraged to keep their library books in their backpacks when they are not being read. That way, on library day, everyone is happy because they've brought their books back and can get NEW ones! 
    Please encourage your child to adhere to the following guidelines:  
    1. Always handle library books with clean hands and be careful when turning the pages so they don't tear.
    2. Keep your book in your backpack when it isn't being read.
    3. Always keep library books out of reach of pets, toddlers, and away from food or drinks.
    4. Return or renew your books on time.
    As a parent, you can also help by:  
    • With younger students, read the book with your child. Talk about the pictures and words. Enjoy the book together! For older students, parents    parents should encourage their child to read 20 minutes each night. Why Read 20 Minutes at Home?
    • Every week (for grades K-2) and every two weeks (for grades 3-5) have your child return the book to exchange it for a different library book. Students may also exchange library books during the open library time any day of the week.
    • If an accident occurs and a book does get damaged, please do not try to repair the book yourself. Send it back to school with a note and I   will do everything possible to fix it so you do not have to pay to replace the book. If a book cannot be repaired or becomes lost, we ask you to pay to replace the book.
    Thank you for your support,
    Mrs. Driver
    Rivera Librarian 
    Best Time to Contact me: 7:40-8:25 OR any time after 3:00pm
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