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    Joe Dale Sparks Campus - Denton ISD
    At the Sparks Campus, students have a unique opportunity to catch up on school work that may have been sidelined in the recent past.
    Here at Sparks Campus, students have the benefits of small class sizes (max 12) and frequent one-on-one instruction. Because of the secure environment and constant supervision by the county staff, students are able to learn in a safe environment. Students that have typically struggled in a traditional school setting learn valuable coping skills and study skills.
    Most students at this campus show an increase of at least one letter grade or more in their core subjects. The math teachers at this campus have many years of experience with at-risk students and are motivated by their care and concern for these youth.
    Any questions about the program or any comments may be directed to the principal, Mr. Paul Martinez at pmartinez@dentonisd.org.
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Last Modified on July 22, 2021