• Join a UIL Academics Team

    You should consider joining one of Guyer’s UIL Academic teams. By competing in one or more of the events, you will improve your skills and learning. You’ll make new friends and get to know the sponsors. Competing students often include this organization on their college applications. And advancing students to regional and state levels are eligible for scholarships and a letter jacket. Listed below you will find a competition that suits your skills.


    The UIL Accounting competition is designed for Accounting I & II students. Most of the study sessions take place during Accounting class time. Email Mrs. Samsky ASamsky@dentonisd.org for more information.

    Literary Criticism

    Hey smarty pants! Want to explore Freytag’s pyramid, chiastic structure, or just hang out with the Bloomsbury Group? Come on then! Join Lit Crit! Compete with other students based on your understanding of literary terms, Pulitzer and Nobel prizes, and literary movements as well as your reading of a play, a novel, and a poet’s works, which changes from year to year. Be a Lit Critter! Email Mr. Coleman at GColeman@dentonisd.org for more information.

    Number Sense

    Want to look like Einstein compared to your friends? Join Number Sense! Number Sense is a 10-minute, 80 question timed test where students try to answer as many problems as possible using only MENTAL calculations. Therefore, in Number Sense we study many shortcuts in an attempt to become human calculators. Email Mrs. Matamoros at BMatamoros@dentonisd.org for more information.


    Do you want to be understood and communicate effectively with others? In UIL Journalism, you will learn how to write concisely and clearly for all audiences. There are four competitions to choose from in Journalism: News Writing, Feature Writing, Headline Writing, and Editorial Writing. See Mr. Turner in room H166 or email LTurner@dentonisd.org. Consider joining the yearbook or newspaper class, too!

    Ready Writing

    UIL Ready Writing is fact based writing to make a point. Contestants have two hours to write about a contemplative quote or proverb using any and all of their former knowledge. Students who enjoy reading and making connections across varying subjects do very well in this competition. It is also an excellent preparation for the timed writing demands of SAT, ACT, and AP English exams. Email Mrs. Miller at AMiller@dentonisd.org for more information.

    Current Issues & Events

    UIL Current Issues and Events tests students’ knowledge of what is newsworthy and of note in the world today. Do you watch the news, read a newspaper or news magazine regularly, or keep track of breaking news on the internet? Then this event is for you! The contest consists of 40 multiple choice questions about specific events and an essay prompt about some current issue of importance in the world. What is the best way to prepare for it? Simply, be aware of the who, what, when, where, and why all around us! Great preparation for those interested in journalism, extemporaneous speaking, law, social studies, or government. Email Mr. Storck at NStorck@dentonisd.org for more information.


    Social Studies

    If your interest lies in movements, wars, history and politics, this contest will give you more than enough material to explore. The contest requires you to apply your understanding of history and culture through multiple choice questions and an essay. The Social Studies contest requires students to expand and apply their knowledge of governmental systems, historical trends, movements and eras and the physical setting of the earth, particularly as it applies to culturally environments. Each year the contest focuses on a selected topic area, and a reading list is provided. UIL Social Studies is a great forum for discussion and investigation into the historical events that have changed the world. For more information, email Mr. Tucker at KTucker@dentonisd.org


    Forget just memorizing facts because the science contest is all about the importance of experiments and scientific discoveries. Your knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics will help you select the correct answers on this 60 question multiple choice test. Individual awards are given in each subject area, so even students who have not yet taken all the science courses can excel! The Science contest challenges students to read widely in biology, chemistry and physics strengthening their understanding of basic principles and knowledge of history and philosophy of science. Email Mrs. Erwin at SErwin@dentonisd.org for information.

    Math & Calculator Applications

    Calculate this: Add your math skills to a college application, standardized test or resume, and success might be the result. Math is power is today’s job market, so multiply your potential by trying out this problem-solving contest. This contest includes calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, roots, powers, exponentiation, logarithms, trigonometric functions and inverse trigonometric functions. In addition to straightforward calculation problems, the contest includes geometric and stated problems similar to those found in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry textbooks, previous contests and League materials related to the contest. Email Mrs. Matamoros at BMatamoros@dentonisd.org or Ms. Metzler at AMetzler@dentonisd.org for more information.

    Computer Applications

    For the tech generation: Become technologically savvy while testing your word processing, database and spreadsheet skills. You’ll become familiar with the finer points of computer skills such as formatting copy, editing, creating charts and integrating applications. Computer Applications focuses on word processing speed and accuracy, computer skills in database and spreadsheet, and integration of applications. Email Ms. Key at DKey@dentonisd.org for more information.


    Whether you’ve already aced the SAT verbal section or you could use some extra practice, this contest keeps you focused on the details. By the end, you may be correcting your teachers’ spelling and using words your coach has never heard. The Spelling & Vocab contest promotes precise and effective use of word. The three-part contest consists of multiple-choice questions covering proofreading and vocabulary, and words that are written from dictation. The vocabulary building and spelling components are important complements to high school curriculum and are indicative of vocabulary on tests like the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. For more information, email Mrs. Miller at AMiller@dentonisd.org

    Computer Science

    Bill Gates used to program computers in his spare time and apparently he did something right. Get your start in computer science by learning the details of Java programming, and try your hand at writing some programs of your own. This contest challenges students to gain an understanding of the significance of computation as well as to be alert to new technology and information, to gain an understanding of the basic principles of computer science and to get a start in one of the most important fields of the Information Age. Email Mr. Ahmed  at TAhmed@dentonisd.org

    Questions? Please email the Academic Coach listed above or email the UIL Academic Coordinator: Larry Turner at LTurner@dentonisd.org