Strickland Middle School EXPO Grading Practice



    • EXPO Curriculum is developed to meet the multifaceted needs of the gifted learner. As such, curriculum is designed that may include TEKS from any of the four core areas (ELA, Science, Social Studies, Math), as well as the Denton ISD GT Standards (critical thinking, logical thinking, dimensions of depth and complexity, creative thinking, research skills, research products, etc.).



    • When a student reassesses, the highest grade replaces previous work.
    • The reassessment is guided by teacher feedback from the assignment, such as the project rubric, the corrected paper, etc.
    • Consideration will be given to students having an opportunity to reassess during the grading period when assigning a grade.
    • Aligned with the SMS Grading Policy, reassessment should occur within 10 days of receiving teacher feedback. Any exceptions are at the discretion of the teacher.



    • Major grades count as 70% of the total nine-weeks grade. Major grades include, but are not limited to, projects, presentations, unit tests, vocabulary tests, etc.
    • Minor grades count as 30% of the total nine-weeks grade. Minor grades include, but are not limited to, bell work, graphic organizers, class discussions/debates, vocabulary quizzes, etc.




Last Modified on October 2, 2017