Chester O. Strickland Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society

    NJHS recognizes and encourages academic achievement among middle school students while developing the ideals scholarship, character, service,  citizenship and leadership.

    The purpose of NJHS is:

    1.    To create enthusiasm for scholarship

    2.    To stimulate a desire to render service

    3.    To promote leadership

    4.    To develop character

    5.    To encourage citizenship

    Students in 7th and 8th grade are eligible for membership.

    Scholarship criteria:  must have a semester grade of 95 in all classes except:  EXPO, enhanced classes, advanced math, or a high school credit course.  Due to the difficulty of these classes, a semester grade of 90 is acceptable.  If scholarship criteria are met, students are invited to complete a student activity information form and further evaluated in the areas of character, service, citizenship and leadership.

    If accepted in NJHS, members are required to maintain the same level of performance in all five criteria that led to selection.  Additional obligations include:  regular attendance at chapter meetings, participation in the chapter service project; perform an individual service project, and payment of dues.



Last Modified on October 25, 2012