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    Order your 2018-2019 Yearbook now for the lowest price of the year $25

    Why $25? Can't it be cheaper?
    Our books are 72 pages of fullcolor
    , with over 2,000 photos in them! Our yearbooks aren't photocopies from a copier and they aren't handmade. Jostens uses a real book printing and binding machine to print each full color page and bind them together with our hardback, full-color cover. This is very costly and Jostens charges us almost $25 per book just to make the book! We're selling these books as cheap as we can get them, in all their awesome-ness! Just remember, this is a book that will provide memories for a lifetime. It's well worth the $25 so order one now!

    Why does the price go up?
    We have to let Jostens know in January how many books we want printed. If we order too many, we end up in debt. If we order too few, not everyone who wants a book will get them. It's a careful balance. T
    o off-set the cost of ordering too many, the price goes up the longer you wait. If you order early, it helps us and so we help you with a cheaper price!