• Supplies for Orchestra '20 - '21

    You will be required to have the following supplies for orchestra. You probably already have most or all of them from your previous years in orchestra.  Supplies marked with an * are to be in class every day, and periodic checks (for a grade) will be taken. The other supplies may be kept at home, but you will need to bring them once for me to check/give you a supply grade. 


    *1. Instrument and bow in GOOD WORKING ORDER (pegs/tuners turn easily and don't slip or stick, bow has CLEAN,  PLENTIFUL HAIR, etc.) with quality strings (Dominant brand or similar-not the Super Sensitive beginner strings in the red package). If it's been more than a year or you can't remember when you replaced your strings, it's time to replace. If I'm helping you with a peg tune, be observant of my process so that you will soon be able to move your own tuners and pegs. If they are broken or very hard to move, you need to have them repaired or replaced. 
    *2. Rosin (YOUR OWN, including cello/bass players)
    *3. Black 3-ring binder with a hard back. These are being PROVIDED FOR YOU (part of the activity fee), so you don't need to go out and get one. All music must be kept in here and organized according to instructions.  You may also want to get clear sheet protectors for your music. 
    *4. At least 2 pencils (one in case, one in folder or locker, etc.)
    *5. Shoulder rest (violins and violas).
    *6. Rock stop (celli/basses-you will not be allowed to play without one as we have a wood floor). 
    *7. Soft cloth for cleaning your instrument and bow after each use. This should be kept in your case. Note-celli and basses who use a school instrument and keep a personal instrument at home need to have a separate cloth that you keep in the school case. Part of your responsibility in using a school instrument is keeping it in good condition.
    *8. Mute (the black rubber kind that stays on the instrument, not a practice mute, or the kind that looks like a fork). 
    9. A metronome. You will be expected to practice with a metronome at home.  If you have questions about this (or any other supply), please ask me in class. These may be purchased at most music stores. A basic metronome is all that is needed, but you may want to get one that sub-divides and plays a tuning A. There are free apps available that will perform both tuning and counting functions.
    10. It is expected and MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have a music stand for home practice. If you don't, it's nearly impossible to play with the correct hand position and posture.

    Each student (both on a stand) will be required to have his/her own music each day, at the stand, as well as a pencil for making markings.

    Keep your binders organized as stated in the handbook. Lost music will incur a fee for replacement.

Last Modified on June 29, 2020