Concert Etiquette:

    We are happy to have you attend our concerts, and feel great when there is a large audience. When you do attend a concert, please realize that the students and director have worked very hard and have given countless hours to prepare the music. Out of respect for the performers, it is proper to observe the following rules of etiquette:

    1. Remain quiet! Contrary to what you may think, we can hear you when we are on the stage. It is distracting to the performers and the other audience members when you talk or when you allow your children to make noise during the concert. 
    2. Please silence and avoid using ALL electronics. It is inappropriate to text, check email, etc., during a concert.
    3. When the orchestra enters the stage, it is customary to applaud for them. It is also customary to applaud the concertmaster and the conductor when they enter the stage.
    4. If you have a crying child, please quietly take him or her out of the auditorium so that others may enjoy the performance.
    5. Once the students have begun to play, there should not be any movement in the Auditorium. If you have an emergent need to leave the Auditorium, please be aware that the exit doors have a nasty habit of slamming in a most startling way. Please brace the door as it closes.
    6. You will see signs above the Auditorium entrances that there is no food or beverage allowed in the Auditorium. Please help Us keep our facility looking great - the carpet is NEW this year.

    Again, please understand that it is very distracting to the performers when you don't follow the rules listed above. Making music well is hard work, and we usually only perform each program one time. Please show respect for the wonderful work that these students do by acting appropriately in their concerts. Thank you!



Last Modified on October 13, 2017