• Dear RMS Parent/Guardian,     

    This letter informs you that Rodriguez Middle School has an Emergency Operations Plan and has procedures in place to address student and staff safety issues that may arise during the school year.  The RMS Emergency Operations Plan is a proactive measure, designed to prepare students, staff, and faculty for the most common emergencies a school may face, and we enact this plan in the event of a local disaster or school emergency.  Each school in our district has a safety and security audit every three years in cooperation with the Oak Point Police Department, Oak Point Fire Department, and Central Administration officials.   

    Drills:  Even though statistics show schools are still among the safest places to be on a day-to-day basis, disasters can occur. Because of that, no community can be complacent in its efforts to make its schools even safer.  To ensure everyone knows what to do, we conduct drills and training all through the year to ensure that students, staff, faculty, and first responders know what is expected of them. In addition to practicing the drills, we will also be discussing with the students the appropriate actions to take during a number of emergencies. These drills and accompanying discussions are designed to prepare your child to act quickly and to minimize your child’s fear should an emergency occur. 

    Planned Drills 2022-2023 school year 

    August-fire drill                                    

    September- fire drill/lockdown drill

    October- fire drill (site evacuation and reverse evacuation)/shelter in place drill                     

    November- fire drill/bomb threat drill

    December- fire drill

    January- fire drill/shelter in place (threat outside the building) 

    February- fire drill/lockdown drill

    March- fire drill/weather safety drill

    April- fire drill

    May-fire drill 

    It is important to understand that when the school is in lockdown or we have entered our weather safe areas, no students will be released during those times until the threat is over.


    We know crisis situations are stressful for students, staff, and parents.  We continue to be proactive in practicing for emergencies and keeping students, staff, and parents informed. Your cooperation is vital in any emergency.  In case of such an emergency, please help us by reviewing and putting into action the following:  Please follow directions from police, fire department, and school administrators during the emergency.  Do not call the school.  The D.I.S.D. information officer will provide information to the parents and the public and you will be told how to access the latest information. 

    Be sure that you sign in at the front office each time that you enter the building.  It is our hope that an emergency situation will never ever happen at RMS.  I believe with parents, students, and staff working together, we can be proactive in making Rodriguez a safe place.  Should you have questions regarding the Emergency Operations Plan, please contact me at 972.347.7016 or dtaylor3@dentonisd.org


    Dylan Taylor

    Assistant Principal RMS