• General Video/Film Viewing Form

    Please complete this form and submit prior to viewing a video/film with students:


    PDF Form for PG-13 parent permission:

     RMS Video Permission Slip for parents

    DISD Video Viewing Guidelines:

    Video/Film Guidelines

    Teachers have the responsibility to preview and evaluate any video, film, or movie prior to use in the classroom or assigned for viewing outside the classroom.

    Teachers/librarians are strongly encouraged to use good sound judgment, extreme caution and appropriate decision making regarding the usage of any videotapes, streaming videos or on-line films in any classroom or library center. The age of the students should always be considered when making these decisions.

    Teachers should consider the value of the instructional time dedicated to viewing videos/films and should carefully relate the content of the video/film to the specified objectives of the class . The curriculum correlation must be demonstrated in the lesson plan. Teachers are encouraged to communicate to parents how videos relate to learning content. No film rented or purchased that includes a notice that the film is intended for “home use only” shall be shown to a class for entertainment purposes. Prior to showing any commercially produced video. The teacher will notify the campus principal on a form to be provided by the district of the date of the showing and the purpose/instructional intent of the activity. This requirement is in addition to the documentation required in the lesson plans.

    The motion picture rating system will serve as a minimum guide for age appropriateness of commercial videos/films. Video clips will be judged on the same basis as the video from which the clip came. If the video in entirety is not age appropriate, then a clip from the video is not appropriate either.

    G....................All grade levels, no parent permission

    PG..................Only grades 6 through 12

    PG-13.............Only grades 6 through 12; parent permission required for middle school students

    R....................Not acceptable at any grade level

    X ...................Not acceptable at any grade level