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    Extending Learning From Home:

    Here are some things you can work on from home to keep dancing...

    All Dance Classes - Here is a youtube video you can follow along for a good warm-up and stretch...

    Click Here to Watch!

    Dance 1 - Our next unit is Musical Theatre. Here is a short combination from the musical "Footloose" that you can learn.

    Click Here to Watch!

    Dance 2,3, and 4 - Our next unit is Choreography for our Spring Concert. Here's something you can work on and create at home...

    Off the Page - Bring a picture to life through Dance! Find any picture or portrait around your house and begin choreographing movement relating to that picture. Take into consideration about the 'mood' of the picture, identifying the opposites of Effort Elements (Space, Time, Flow, & Weight), find a song that relates to your compositition.


    Course Description:

    The Dance Curriculum is written in order to provide the student with levels of beginner to advanced skills and the knowledge of dance as an art form and lifetime activity. The student will increase efficiency of movement through kinesthetic awareness, muscle memory, and visual recall. The student's creative expression will be demonstrated through choreography of a complete movement statement to be presented in a class performance. We teach levels I, II, III, and IV along with Partner Dance. Students receive Fine Arts or P.E. credit for this course. We recommend freshman count Dance I as Fine Arts credit, and then students can take Dance II for P.E. credit.

    For a copy of our Dance Syllabus, please click HERE. 

    Course Outline:

    • Introduction to dance

    • Ballet/Nutrition

    • Jazz/Muscles

    • Tap/Bones

    • Ballroom/Eating Disorders

    • World Dance

    • Broadway/Musical Theatre

    • Modern/Choreography for Final Exams

     (*Dance I is pre-requisite for Partner Dance.)


    Partner Dance:

    Partner Dance is an inclusive Dance I curricular program featuring students of various disabilities supervised by their peers. The purpose of this program is to provide the opportunity to gain an appreciation of dance as an art form for all students following the Dance TEKS.

    Course Prerequisites:

    SPED-None/General-Dance 1


    Director Contact Information:


    Roxanne Muncy



    Conference during 5th Block



    Keli Jones



    Conference during 5th Block

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