Admissions Information

  • Who is eligible for Denton ISD's School of Choice?

    Because Fred Moore High School is the only stand alone campus in the district offering both Fall and Sping commencement ceremonies (at the University of North Texas), most applicants seek admission so they can accelerate instruction to graduate early or recover lost credits and graduate on time.  All students interested in attending Fred Moore are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants demonstrate an intrinsic motivation to work independently, a desire to connect with the school, and a clear of understanding of their postsecondary goals.  

    Interested students must complete an application with their counselor/administrator and participate in a face-to-face interview. If the student is currently enrolled in a Denton ISD school, he/she should not withdraw from the home campus until they have been formally accepted to Fred Moore. Acceptance and enrollment at Fred Moore are competitive and based on space availability. There may be a waiting period before an interview is scheduled and there is no guarantee a student will be accepted to the program. 

    Click here to complete the online portion of the application. 

    While enrolled at Fred Moore High School, students are expected to earn a minimum of 4 academic credits per semester, maintain 98% attendance, and comply with the district's student code of conduct.