About Our School

  • Fred Moore High was designated the "School of Choice" for the school district in 1992. The school was originally Fred Douglas High School and served the African-American community of Denton starting in 1909. The current building was built in 1948 and two years later was named after Fred Moore, a former teacher and principal at Douglas High who remained connected to the community.

    The school closed in 1968 and reopened 24 years later to serve students looking for flexibility in their education. It was renovated in 1996 to better meet the needs of these students.

    Fred Moore High is a place where students can accelerate their path toward high school graduation, get assistance to recover high school credits and get special assistance to understand lessons more clearly. Students attend classes with smaller sizes, have flexible course schedules and can register for individualized academic programs to accentuate their strengths.

    Established: 1992 (school built in 1948)
    Mascot: Dragons
    Colors: Green, Gold and White