Fred Moore High School Dress Code (from page 33 of Denton ISD Student Code of Conduct)


    The Denton ISD dress code is established to:

    • teach hygiene,

    •  instill self-discipline

    • prevent disruptions

    • promote safety and

    • Provide an environment for learning.


      The responsibility for adhering to the dress code begins with the student and parents of the student.


      Enforcement of the code is the responsibility of the classroom teachers and administrators.


      The following guidelines are to assist students and parents in selecting appropriate attire

      (as determined by campus administration):


    1. All students are to present a clean, well-groomed appearance at school and school activities.

       Students may be asked to alter their hairstyles if the campus administrator believes they are a distraction to the educational process.

    2. The following items have been determined to be unacceptable for wear at school:

      a. Bike pants

      b. Bare midriffs

      c. Halter-tops

      d. Tank tops

      e. See-through apparel or mesh/net clothing

      f. Short skirts or shorts

      g. Pajamas

      h. Saggy, baggy pants

      i. Bandanas

      j. Sunglasses

      k. Strapless dresses/blouses

      l. Chains or accessories, which can be used as a weapon (such as collars or bracelets with spikes)

      m. Flip-flops (except in high schools, or as determined by campus administration on all campuses),            Steel-toed shoes (except in identified CTE classes), house shoes, slippers, or any other footwear

                  Deemed inappropriate by campus administration.

      n. Any make-up, hair color, unnatural cosmetic contact lenses, or accessories which create a disruption

      o. Any headgear other than part of an approved school uniform

      p. Tattoos and body art which promote nudity, obscenity, or gang activity must be covered

      q. Any display of undergarments

      r. Shirts open at the sides (excessively large armholes)

      s. Ragged or intentionally cut/torn clothing as determined inappropriate by campus principal or designee

                  No holes in jeans are allowed.

      t. Garments containing offensive or obscene words or phrases, pictures, symbols, or images.

      u. Garments which promote or advertise alcohol, tobacco, or other products prohibited at school.

    3. All clothing must be sized to fit properly.

    4. Accessories applied to the facial area, tongue, or body such as safety pins to the eye area, studs, or rings

                  through the nose cannot be worn at school.

    5. The principal, in cooperation with the Campus Leadership Team may add detail to the preceding dress code.

                  The details may be gender specific. The Board, at the recommendation of the superintendent, approves

                  campus dress code details.

    6. Campuses may submit proposals concerning school uniforms to the superintendent for submission to the

                  school board for review and approval.

    7. On each campus, the principal will have the final say as to the appropriateness of any dress code question.