About Adkins Elementary

  • School Mission

    Adkins is dedicated to creating an inclusive lifelong learning culture where every person is valued, connected, and empowered to collectively serve our communities and beyond.


    School Vision

    Learn. Connect. Serve.


    School Values

    In order to achieve our vision, we have made the following commitments:

    • We will celebrate our students' learning successes.
    • We will provide a school environment that focuses on learning.
    • We will model, mentor, teach, and support one another in our professional development.
    • We will engage in a positive way.
    • We will engage in professional, open, and honest communication that is built on a  foundation of trust.
    • We will implement a system of intervention that will promote student success.
    • We will honor our students' efforts to serve others and our community as a whole.


    Established: 2014
    Mascot: Aviators
    Colors: Royal Blue and Lime Green