• adkins


  • School Mission

    Adkins exists to create a learning culture; to be a school where every person feels a sense of belonging and connection; to serve our community and our world.


    School Vision

    We believe to accomplish our mission as a staff, we must be a school that:

    • We are open and flexible in our thinking;
    • Commits to professional learning in an on-going way;
    • Constantly evaluates our practice to assess positive learning outcomes;
    • Creates and fosters opportunities for our students, parents, and community to  connect with one another in meaningful ways;
    • Supports students' leadership development at every opportunity;
    • Partners with parents in decision making and implementation;
    • Listens to feedback from all members of our learning community


    School Values

    In order to achieve our vision, we have made the following commitments:

    • We will celebrate our students' learning successes.
    • We will provide a school environment that focuses on learning.
    • We will model, mentor, teach, and support one another in our professional development.
    • We will engage in a positive way.
    • We will engage in professional, open, and honest communication that is built on a  foundation of trust.
    • We will implement a system of intervention that will promote student success.
    • We will honor our students' efforts to serve others and our community as a whole.


    Established: 2014

    Mascot: Aviators

    Colors: Royal Blue and Lime Green