About Our School

  • About Houston Elementary

    Houston Elementary was originally built in 1982 and received a renovation and necessary additions in 2002. The school is named after Sam Houston, who defeated General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana to secure Texas’ independence and eventually was elected as the first President of the Republic of Texas.

    Much like its namesake, Houston Elementary has earned a strong reputation among the Denton community for its development of educated students and engaged citizens. Many of the city’s current local, civic and business leaders either attended Houston or had their children attend the school.

    The school’s climate is known for being caring and friendly, while still challenging students to reach their potential in the classroom. That attitude is contagious outside the classroom as well, with strong family and local business involvement in everything from PTA fundraisers to family math nights to school-wide celebrations.

    Students at Houston have a number of opportunities to showcase their academic, athletic and social talents at school. There is a running club, art club, student council, choir and orchestra, while special events like Houston Fun Run and holiday performances encourage growth in athletics and fine arts.

    Established: 1982
    Mascot: Texans
    Colors: Red, White and Blue