LADIES: At Get Fit Day we will fit/order your formal concert dress. These dresses will be stored at Ryan HS and issued to you prior to use. You will turn them in after each concert per Mr. Rives' instructions. Additionally, you will need to provide BLACK CHARACTER SHOES, that is black closed toed shoes (no flip flops). 


GUYS: At Get Fit Day we will fit/order your formal concert uniform. You will receive tux pants and jacket, a winged-tip tux shirt, bow tie, vest or cummerbund, Chorale men will receive studs, and black dress shoes.  You may opt to use your own dress shoes.  We require you to provide and wear a white t-shirt under your tux shirt and black socks.


T-SHIRTS: All choir members will receive a casual t-shirt with a special RHS Choir Department Logo. These shirts will be worn on special occasions and activities when we want to look "uniform" but not formal.


GENERAL: The idea of a uniform is that we appear as a unified group to those who see us. Therefore, additions such as large jewelry will not be acceptable. Ladies may wear small studs in their ears, but no dangling earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.  Hair must be styled so that is stays out of the face.  Also, when we have a performance, you are expected to be in full uniform from the time you receive your uniform till the time you are changing to leave the performance site. (Guys, that means you do not walk around with you shirt unbuttoned and your and bow tie off.) We want to take pride in our organization and our appearance is one way to show a classy attitude.


CLEANING: Students will be issued a clean uniform. All are expected to keep their uniform in good condition. If properly cared for, it will not be necessary for the tuxes and dresses to be professionally dry-cleaned by the student.  


FINES: In case of loss or damage, please refer to the replacement costs listed below.


FORMAL DRESS - $75.00                                  BOW TIE - $10.00

TUX PANTS - $50.00                                            TUX JACKET - $100.00

VEST - $30.00                                                        CUMMERBUND- $15.00

SHOES- $40.00                                                      SHIRT- $15.00