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    Attendance Information for Parents 

    In order for children to receive a quality education, they must attend school on a regular basis. When a student is not present in the classroom, that child misses valuable instructional time, and this can result in large gaps in learning over time. For this reason, our goal is to work with families to make sure students are at school on time as often as possible. Parents should familiarize themselves with these guidelines and procedures. Please contact the school office at (972) 347-7100 if you have any questions. 
    How to report a student's absence:
    • It is not required for you to call the school office to report your child's absence for one or two days. Instead, please fill out an excuse for your child using the district attedance note within 3 days of your child's return to school. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure doctor's notes reach the front office, as teachers are not able to take attendance notes from students. Please do not turn in notes to the classroom teacher.

    • The following are approved district absences, if email excuse documentation is provided:
      • Medical illness 
      • Death and/or serious illness of an immediate family member
      • Sounding "taps" at a military funeral
      • Religious holy days
      • Student medical appointment, screening, etc. 
      • Required court appearance
      • Board approved extracurricular activities
      • Deployment of immediate family member
      • Family emergencies (approved by administrator)
      • Absences required by state or local welfare authorities
      • Quarantine
      • Approved college visits (juniors and seniors only)
      • Service as an election clerk
      • Activities related to obtaining US citizenship
    When doctor's notes are required:
    • If your child misses all or part of the school day due to a doctor's appointment, a doctor's note is required to excuse the absence from school. Parents should submit a doctor's note within 3 days of the student's return to school. Again, it is the parent's responsible to ensure doctor's notes are received by the school office. 
    • If your child is absent five consecutive days due to illness of injury, a doctor's note must be provided. We are not permitted to accept parent notes or emails excusing absences in these cases. For ongoing health issues, parents should contact the front office, the school nurse, and the assistant principal. 

    Unexcused and unverified absences:

    • An unexcused absence is one that does not meet the state and district guidelines for approved absences that can be excused (see above). Even if a parent provides an email excuse for the absence, it will be unexcused if it does not meet these guidelines.
    • An unverified absence is one that has not been appropriately documented, meaning that the office has not received an email or note from the parent within 3 days of a student's return to school. An absence will also be unverified if parents do not provide the appropriate information on their email or note submitted to the office (child's full name, teacher, reason for absence, and date(s) of absence).
    • If a student has 10 or more unexcused or unverified absences or parts of days (LOSIT - see below) within a six month period in the same school year, the school can take court action to ensure that child receives the maximum amount of instructional time daily. (Texas Education Code Sec 25.094)

    When a student misses 15 minutes or more of the school day (LOSITs):

    • A "LOSIT," or a loss of significant instructional time, occurs when a student misses 15 minutes or more of instructional time throughout the school day. This includes, but is not limited to, times that a student arrives to school late or leaves school before the end of the school day. Students are counted as tardy if they arrive to school at 7:40 am, and the school day regularly ends at 3:00 pm.
    • If a student acquires multiple LOSITs because they are habitually late or frequently leaves school early, the school can take court action to ensure that child receives the maximum amount of instructional time each day. (Texas Education Code Sec 25.094)

    What to do when you need to sign your student out of school:

    • We cannot release your student from campus without a parent or guardian coming into the front office with their ID to sign the student out. Students will not be released to adults aside from parents and guardians unless the parent gives permission to the front office by phone. Our office can be reached at (972) 347-7100. 
    • Please understand that we cannot have your child waiting in the office for your at your arrival. When you call, we will have the teacher prepare the student to leave. When you arrive, we will immediately contact the teacher to have the student sent down to the office. 
    • If the child is taken out of school to visit the doctor, please get a note from your doctor and provide it to the office within 3 days of your child's return to school. 

    Other attendance tips for parents:

    • Parents should notify their child's teacher when they will be or have been absent from school. The teacher can provide you with missing assignments and will share ways you can support your child's learning when they are out of school. 
    • Please feel free to contact Mrs. Ixco in our office with any attendance questions. She can be reached at (972) 347-7103 or at crossoaksnotes@dentonisd.org
    • The Denton ISD attendance website contains additional information that is very helpful to parents. 


    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's attendance, please call the Cross Oaks office at (972) 347-7100. We look forward to working with you toward our common goal of your child's success at school.

    Thank you,

    The Cross Oaks Attendance Committee