About Our School

  • About W.S. Ryan Elementary

    W.S. Ryan Elementary was built in 2001 and was recently renovated in 2011. The school is named after Wayne Stuart Ryan, a local businessman who donated the land on which the school stands.

    W.S. Ryan is known for its welcoming atmosphere to students and parents. There is an active presence at the school and at events from moms involved in the PTA to dads participating in Watch D.O.G.S, which recruits father figures of students to volunteer on campus and serve as a role model for students, to teachers and staff wanting to help students grow.

    The importance of diversity and core values are prominently expressed at W.S. Ryan through the Book of the Month program, which highlights the values of historical leaders or importance events in books that students read each month, and the Sign Language program, which encourages students to try using words or phrases in a language (English or Spanish) other than their native one depending on which sign is up in the hallways.

    Students at W.S. Ryan have a number of opportunities to showcase their talents in and out of the classroom. There is a running club, dance club, robotics club, art club, Minecraft club, Destination Imagination, choir and orchestra. School administrators also recognize Rockin’ Wranglers –students that performed good deeds – before their peers at school assembly each week. This process helps the children build their self-esteem and fosters a team-first environment at the school.

    Established: 2001
    Mascot: Wranglers
    Colors: Red and Blue