What is a Student Assistance Counselor?

    Denton ISD has long recognized the relationship between academic success and emotional well-being. When students are experiencing significant life stressors, learning may not be their first priority. In response to the growing social and emotional needs experienced by our students, Denton ISD utilizes Student Assistance Counselors on all secondary campuses. The role of the Student Assistance Counselor is to provide crisis intervention, psycho-educational counseling services and referrals to community counseling agencies when necessary. The goal of the Student Assistance Counselor is to identify and resolve issues significantly impacting a student’s success in the classroom. Referrals to the Student Assistance Counselor can be made by teachers, administrators and parents. Most often, students refer themselves.


    Student Assistance Counselors meet with students individually and/or in group settings during the school day. Students are responsible for making up any missed school work. Groups are held during lunch so no instructional time is lost. All students must have a signed pass to be seen by the Student Assistance Counselor.

    The RCMS Student Assistance Counselor is Kati Willis, LPC. Ms. Willis has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for over thirteen years. She has extensive experience counseling adolescents, adults and families in private practice. This is her 6th year at RCMS and her 10th year in a school setting.

    You may contact Ms. Willis for further information at 940-369-4708