• Curriculum

    6th grade (FM Orchestra)
    1st 9 weeks:  We will work toward completion of the Essential Elements book 1.   We will focus heavily on fundamentals of technique.  Theory:  worksheets on rhythm, note reading, and terminology.  Students needing additional enrichment challenges are encouraged to work on a region audition packet. 
    2nd 9 weeks:  Begin Essential Elements book 2 and winter concert pieces.   Begin preparation for Winter concert.  Begin vibrato and shifting exercises.   One octave scale study with rhythms and articulations.  Theory:  continue rhythm, note-reading, and terminology. 
    3rd 9 weeks:  Continue Essential Elements book 2 and orchestra literature.  Continue one octave scale study with rhythms and articulations.  Begin 2 octave scales.  Vibrato and shifting exercises.  Continue theory study worksheets.  Solo and Ensemble preparation and rehearsals. 
    4th 9 weeks:  Begin Essential Technique book.  Focus on 2 octave scales.  Shifting exercises will advance to alternating fingers.  Double stops.  Additional technical exercises.  Continue theory study worksheets.  Begin preparation for spring concert and auditions.
    WAM Orchestras
    1st 9 weeks:  Essential Technique book.  Technique through warm-up.  1 and 2 octave scales with rhythm and articulations.  Focus on correct positioning and fundamentals.  Theory:  rhythm, note-reading, terminology. 
    2nd 9 weeks:  Essential Technique.  Technique through warm-up. Begin Winter concert preparations.  Theory:  rhythm, note-reading, time signatures, scales.  Technical exercises. 
    3rd 9 weeks:  Concert preparation. Solo & Ensemble preparation.  Technique through warm-up additional scales.  Continue theory study.  Possible UIL preparation:  sightreading and concert pieces. 
    4th 9 weeks:  Spring Concert preparation.  Technique through warm-up.  Technical exercises.  Continue theory study.  Audition preparation.
    CD Orchestra
    1st 9 weeks:  Essential Technique (book 3).  Technique through warm-up through page 3.  Region Orchestra audition preparations.  Theory study. 
    2nd 9 weeks:  Essential Technique (book 3).  Technique through warm-up through page 4. Winter concert preparations.  Theory study. Begin UIL Concert and Sightreading preparation.
    3rd 9 weeks:  Essential Technique.  Technique through warm-up.  UIL Concert and Sightreading preparation.  Festival Contest preparation.  Theory study.  Tuning completely independently. 
    4th 9 weeks:  Essential Technique.  Technique through warm-up.  Spring concert preparation.  Theory study.  Audition preparation. 
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