ask a librarian

    Other great sites
    to find answers
    or homework help: 
    IPL Teenspace:  Tons of great research resources, homework help and a link to ask an IPL Librarian questions
    Librarians' Internet Index: Offers over 20,000 authoritve websites handpicked by Librariansand organized into 14 topics.

    Are you a GHS student or staff member who has a question you need answered ASAP?

    Rumor is that your GHS librarians know everything (or almost everything).

    Send us an email and you can receive answers to brief factual questions, suggested resources or search strategies.  Responses will normally be sent within one school day.

    Directions for submitting a question:

    Click the link above (ask a librarian).  Please include the following nformation in your e-mail:

    • Name, grade, id # and e-mail address
    • Date
    • Name of the teacher that gave the assignment
    • Information that you need, please be as specific as possible