• violinistAre you in 4th Grade?
    Do you want to join orchestra next year?
    At the beginning of April you will attend a presentation during the school day where you will hear performances from the 5th grade orchestra students and be given information about orchestra from the orchestra teacher. You will learn about what it is like to be in the orchestra class and how to join the class for next year. You will also get some important handouts to take home to show your parents.
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    How to join:
    An orchestra sign-up form will be given to all 4th graders at the beginning of April. If you do not receive one, I will post a link on this page to one you can print out as soon as they are available. If you decide you would like to join the orchestra class next year, have your parents fill out the form and turn it in to your 4th grade teacher or the school's front office. Make sure your parents put an email address on the form because that is how I will contact all parents to confirm that you are signed up for the class. There are a limited number of spots available in the orchestra class. Students will be accepted based on who turns in their sign-up form first.
    There are also a limited number of students allowed to play each instrument, but if your first choice of instrument fills up you can still join if you would like to play your second choice. Make sure you clearly mark your first and second choice instrument on your sign-up form.  Check out our "Instrument sample videos" tab if you need help deciding which instrument is for you!
    After you turn in your form:
    Ms. Ortiz will email your parents at the email address they listed on your sign-up form to let them know that you have been signed up for the class for next year. Then, there will be a beginner instrument try-out that you will be asked to attend. April 11, 3:30-6:30 "come and go" @ Harpool MS.  The day and time of the instrument try-out will be listed on the letter attached to your sign-up form. At the instrument try-out you will be sized for your instrument and find out about instrument rental options available to you. This way, your instrument will be waiting for you on the first day of school in 5th grade and we can start using our instruments right away!
    How to pick your instrument:
    At the orchestra presentation during school, you will get to hear current 5th grade orchestra students play each instrument and that will give you an idea of how each instrument looks and sounds. In the string orchestra there are 4 different string instruments - the violin, viola, cello or bass. However, the bass is not taught in 5th grade orchestra. Students interested in playing the bass may start on another instrument and then switch to the bass in 6th grade. You should try to decide on your instrument based on which sound you like best, not based on what it looks like. On your sign-up form check off the instrument that is your first choice. If that instrument fills up you can have the option of playing the instrument that is your second choice.  Check out our "Instrument sample videos" tab above if you need help deciding which instrument is for you!
    Click the icon to open the Orchestra Enrollment form:
Last Modified on March 31, 2017