• A.V. Items and Equipment

    Please use our online catalog to check the availability and quantity of A.V. items.  If you have Audio/Visual needs during your visit, please contact Ms. Henry once the event is confirmed.  If this is for a special event outside of the library please complete the Special Event AV Setup form.

    A.V. / Equipment



    Checkout Period

    3M Overhead Projector
    Library1 Year
    Logitech LS-21 Computer Speakers
    15Library1 Year
    Creative Zen Mozaic MP3 Player
    14Library6 weeks
    CPS Classroom Remotes and Receiver
    17Library6 weeks
    CPS Chalkboard
    12Library1 Year
    Sony Cybershot DSC-W7 Digital Still Camera16Library1 Week
    Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 Digital Still Camera1Library1 Year
    Sony FD Mavica MVC-FD97 Digital Still Camera1Library1 Day
    Sony Cyber-shot
    2Library1 Year
    Sony Handicam DCR-TRV 480 Digital Video Camera10Library1 Year
    Sony DCR-TRV 900 Digital Video Camera1Library1 Year
    Sony DVR-DVD 92 Digital Video Camera
    1Library1 Year
    Portable Sound System and Microphones1Library1 Day
    Keyspan Remote Clicker and Laser Pointer13Library1 Year
    Califone 3066 USB Headphones and Microphone15Library1 Year
    Califone 3068 Headphones
    8Library1 Year
    Califone Tape Recorder
    5Library1 Year
    Califone CD/Tape Player
    5Library1 Week
    Telex Listening Center
    6Library1 Year
    Manfrotto Tripod
    10Library1 Year
    T.V. Remotes
    136Library1 Year
    Laptop Cart with Projector
    1Library1 Day
    6ft. DaLite Projection Screen (tripod)
    2Library1 Day
    8ft. DaLite Projection Screen (tripod)
    1Library1 Day
    Draper Table Top Projection Screen
    2Library1 Day
    Flip Video Camera
    n/aT. AustinDepartment
    Mobi Interwrite CPS
    n/aT. AustinScheduled
    Hue Webcam
    n/aT. AustinDepartment
    Mobile Laptop Labs
    n/aT. AustinDepartment/Outlook