#GuyerReads Challenge
    One School, One Goal, READ! 
    The Most
    Which decade fits best with your personality?  Are you totally rad or cool, man cool?  Do you dig it or does it gag you with a spoon?  If you have no clue, don't worry because we have a quiz which will help you and the rest of the school figure it out. Everyone gets sorted into one of these decade based teams: 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s.
    Best yet, this year you are FREE to read whichever book you'd like (for the most part, it is explained fully below).  However, if you prefer to have a little more structure there is also an Authors A-Z Challenge (also explained below and TOTALLY optional). 
    To Participate in the #GuyerReadsChallenge
    1. Sign up online using this Student Form or this Staff Form. The form has a link to the personality quiz that will place you in to your team.  Please be sure and add which team/decade you make on the form. 

    2. Every time you finish a book, log your reading directly into the online Student Reading Survey or Staff Reading Survey. If you want to check on your progress swing by the library.

    3. Tag your reading!  #GuyerReadsChallenge
    4. Read the most as either an individual or as a team and you win! Team and individual winners will be determined by having the largest number of pages read. 


     #GuyerReadsChallenge—Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I don't have time to read.
      • Okay, that's not a question but think about this:
      • 20 minutes a day would give you about 2 1/2 hours a week.  Over the course of the semester, that will give you something like 40 hours of reading--you can probably finish a book (or more) during that time.  And think about the "mad reading skillz" you will develop!  Reading (like a lot of mental activity) is really similar to physical activity--practice and you get better; build your brain 'muscle.' Focus, practice, and determine to read!
    2.  I need to share about this on social media. I can't help myself.
      • We have a hashtag #GuyerReadsChallenge.  Tweet away, my friends. Tweet away.
    3. Do I have to read "school" books?
      • Nope.  Read anything you want other than...Generally speaking, children's books and picture books are a no-go.  Graphic Novels are OK but only 3 will count. Try something new!
    4. How do I figure out how much time I need to finish a book?  We call this READING RATE.
      • Figure out your reading rate for that book:

        Write down how many pages you read in ten minutes then multiply that by six.

        (_____ pages/ 10 min) x 6

        The total is your reading rate for this book (some books you’ll read faster, some slower; it also depends on a bunch of other things, too, but this is just approximately how long.

        ____________ pages/ hour

        Now divide the number of pages in the book by your rate.

        __________ pages ÷ ________pages/ hour

        That’s about how long it will take you to finish the book.

        ________ hours

    5. Can I use books we're reading in school or class?
      •   Yes! 
    6. How are winners determined?
      • Number of pages; an individual's page counts are added to their team's count and the team count is divided by the number of members to give the team score.
    7. How do I get on a team?
      • You will take a brief quiz and it will place you in a team.  There is a link in the Sign up form on the library's webpage under #GuyerReads Challenge.  Your individual page numbers will be added to your team totals.  The team total is the number of pages read by everyone on the team divided by the number of team membrers. For instance, if there are 100 people on Team A and they read 3,000 pages, then their team score will be 30.  If 10 people are on Team B and they read 3,000 pages, their team score will be 300.  Hopefully, this will level the playing field if team sizes are unbalanced.
    8. Can't I just fake all of this?
      • I bet you could.  You're smart and sneaky, but that's not really the point of doing this.  The idea is to have fun and read more.  If we see you logging an enormous amount, we might follow up with you, and you might expect your English teacher and other teachers to be asking you about your reading or even ask you to talk to your class about your book.
      • Ultimately the contest organizers will determine what "counts" and what is disallowed.
    9. Can't I just, like, watch the movie?
      • No.  It's a reading challenge.  Jeez, man!
    10. Are teachers and other folks at Guyer, are they doing this, too?
      • Yes!  Anyone at Guyer can sign up just like students, but students are in a separate category.  Ask your teachers, administrators, counselors, and other what they are reading for the challenge--tweet about your book choices and ask others for theirs.  You might get some great ideas!  I bet you could even get your parents in on this, too (though they can't play--so sad).
    11. How do I find out how I am doing?- Come by the library and we will let you know how you and your team are faring.