•  Welcome to the ATC

    Out of District and Homeschool information page
    We currently accept Out of District Students from 7 other school districts which include: Argyle ISD, Aubrey ISD, Krum ISD, Lake Dallas ISD, Pilot Point ISD, Ponder ISD, and Sanger ISD. We also accept homeschool students who live in the area. 
    General ATC Information:
    *We operate on an A/B schedule.   Students will attend class every other day unless they are enrolled in two classes and attend on both A and B days.
    *Class times are 8:25 am-11am or 12:25 pm-2:45 pm.
    *All of our classes have course fees and these vary depending on the class from $3-$800.
    * Our classes are offered for two years in order to complete the full program, engineering is a three year program.  Students do not have to complete all years of the program in order to attend the ATC.  Seniors are welcome in our first year classes as long as there is room for them. 
    *Many of our classes offer certifications or licensures.  Our EMT class is dual credit with NCTC and students may earn college credit through End of Course exams in some of the engineering classes. 
    *Some of our classes do require that students wear a uniform.