• Welcome to 7-1
    Mathematics         Mr. Van Noy        jvannoy@dentonisd.org
    Reading                 Mr. Lilavous          jlilavois@dentonisd.org
    Science                  Mrs. Marshall        pmarshall@dentonisd.org
    Texas History          Mr. Cassidy          dcassidy@dentonisd.org 
    Writing                    Mr. Newsom      
    Inclusion                 Mr. Moore            jmoore@dentonisd.org 
    Welcome Letter to Parents
    Welcome to Strickland Team 7-1. Middle School is a unique experience designed to bridge the elementary and high school years. To make the transition from 6th to 7th graders as smooth as possible, your child has been assigned five academic teachers (as well as elective teachers) who work together to coordinate the seventh grade year. We refer to this plan as Academic Teaming.
    You should expect a three week progress report and a report card for each 6-weeks grade reporting period. In addition you will have access to your child’s grades online. Information about this feature will be available soon.
    Should you wish to schedule a conference or talk with one of us, you may leave a voice mail at the numbers listed above or contact us via e-mail.
    Our expectations are high. The learning environment for your child is a combination of both home and school. We look forward to this joint venture.
    Team 7-1

    All students will:
    • be prepared (supplies and assignments)
    • be in seat at the designated time
    • stay on task
    • receive permission to speak
    • respect the rights, feelings, and property of self and others
    • use appropriate classroom language
    • follow handbook rules
    ***While students will be reminded to meet these expectations for appropriate behavior, failure to modify actions and behavior may result in the following:
    • detention
    • parent phone call/conference
    • office referral
    Team Tutorials
    Things To
    • Kleenex
    • Science Safety Contract
    •  Batteries
    • Copy Paper

    2017-18: 7th Grade School Supply List

    1 – 2 subject spiral notebook (Math)

    1 – 1 subject spiral notebook (History)

    4 composition books (2 Science, 1 English, 1 Reading)

    3 - 2 pocket folders with brads (English, Math, and History)

    24 pencils

    Pen (blue or black)

    Markers (thick or thin)

    Colored map pencils

    2 large boxes of Kleenex

    Large glue stick or bottle of school glue

    200 ct. wide rule notebook paper

    Zipper pencil bag / box

    2 large erasers

    1 pkg. white copy paper (Boys only)

    4-AAA batteries (Math) (Girls only)

    Handheld sharpener

    2 fine point dry erase black markers

    Backpacks/ Purses
    Backpacks may be used to bring books and supplies to and from school. Backpacks should be placed in the assigned locker during the day. No backpacks will be allowed in the classrooms.
    It is important to be in class every day. While work may be made up for absences, it is impossible to make up the learning opportunities that are missed. Students are responsible for work missed due to an absence from class. Each core teacher will have a procedure for students to follow to obtain any missed assignments.