• Welcome to Theatre

    The mission of the Denton Independent School District Theatre Arts program

    is to engage, instruct, and inspire well-rounded confident theatre artists

    while providing a supportive environment in which students explore

    classic, modern, and contemporary forms of theatre.

  •        Mrs. Dean's DAILY SCHEDULE            

    7:45 am – 8:15 Oral Reading Practice on scheduled days

    8:20 – 9:05           1st period (8th grade full year)

    9:09 – 9:54           2nd period (6th grade semester)

    9:58-10:43           3rd period (7th grade full year)

    10:44 – 12:00      Lunch and off period

    12:04-12:49         5th period (6th grade semester )

    12:52-1:42           6th period (7th grade full year)

    1:46 – 2:31           7th period (8th grade full year)

    2:35-3:20              8th period (7th/8th semester)
    3:30-5:30 production rehearsal Monday thru Thursday unless otherwise noted.