• About McNair Elementary

    McNair Elementary was built in 1987 and received a renovation and addition in 2009. The school is named after Dr. Ronald McNair, a physicist and astronaut that died when the Challenger space shuttle exploded in 1986.

    McNair was the first school built in what is now considered South Denton and has maintained its position as a learning hub for children in its surrounding neighborhoods through creative learning activities, programs and awards. The school’s motto – “Believe and Achieve” is simple, but displays the core message that teachers and staff strive to pass on to their students daily.

    The importance of community and togetherness is a strong characteristic of the school, with students often being recognized for their work in helping others, displaying good manners and working as a team to accomplish a common goal. McNair families can often be found helping staff members at the school through classroom activities, PTA programs or recruiting businesses to sponsor school-wide events.

    Students at McNair have a number of opportunities to learn more than just the elementary basics with an outdoor learning area that features small animals native to the region, the integration of iPads and digital cameras into classroom instruction and participation in educational initiatives like the Kids Inquiry Conference (promoting science and math), school-wide reading festival as well as orchestra, choir and art club.

    Established: 1987
    Mascot: Commanders
    Colors: Red, White and Blue